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Good Morning all,
I had my TT in Jan and all went well. I was started on Cytomel post-op. My endo and surgeon have determined that I need to come off the cytomel as it is short acting and apparently my system isn't keeping it long enough. I have started Synthyroid 88mg while weaning off the cytomet.  I had labs drawn: TSH 0.09 , T-3 89, T4 0.26. Well  I feel really bad, I am so tired, can't concentrate on anything, cry easy, skin is so dry and flaky, eyes feel like i have sand in them all the time. headaches daily, etc etc. HELP!!! Doc told me I might feel bad for about a week, but this is not getting any better..  
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I think it takes time in general to feel better.  I had to be reminded that surgery is a shock to the body, so is no longer having a thryoid, so is now having to take meds. etc., etc.

With that said, I had some of those symptoms too in the beginning, especially the sand in the eyes one.  Changing dosage helped, so did a change to a different brand (insurance forced that but it worked out) and, again, so did time.

If you're really feeling bad, I would call the dr.  See what he says now.  Best wishes.
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