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Synthroid Instead of Armour?

I've been doing research since having been put on Armour this week, and found this letter a patient wrote to her doctor.  I wanted to share it with everyone in case you haven't seen it.
Talk about standing up for yourself and taking charge!  
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Good for her. I'd like to write a "Dear John" letter to a couple of my ex-doctors.

Too bad it's from Mary's site. She never misses an opportunity to slam Synthroid. I, to be fair, never miss an opportunity to slam Mary. She makes it so easy.

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I find this letter very well written and many doctors should be aware of their patients attitudes.

I believe because of our "sue happy" society - Doctor's rely on the protocal - not because they want to necessarily - but to protect themselves.

I am NOT saying Armour is not OK to take - Of course it is. But it has been under fire for a long time over money and power with Abbott Labs and doctors have now become somewhat brain washed ( in my opinion - to a\only RX one drug)

Mary Shoman is NOT an Armour patient - she actually takes Thyrolar which is the synthetic version of Armour. Works best for her I guess and she takes the time to really let people know as much as she can - I suppose about choices and other things thyroid related.

I respect her on some things - but also see a side that I choose to reseach more on when she makes some statements.

Anyway back to the letter......... this woman who wrote it - must have been at her wits end before she found help.

I hope now the matter is closed for her and she is on the road to better health.
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