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Synthroid to Nature-throid

Had my thyroid removed 2001 and was on Synthroid for 11 years.  Felt awful the entire time, was always very tired, gained lots of weight, dry skin and hair, the whole bunch of symptoms so finally I dug my heels in and did not take anything for 3 months.  Very dangerous but was tired of being so confused could not find my way home when I was a block from home.  So the doctor put me on Armour and then I switched doctors and the new one put me on Nature-throid.  I'm still very tired and sleep a lot, my neck hurts where the thyroid was removed 11 years ago, drainage from that area.  Any suggestions for a different med that actually works without exacerbating my symptoms?
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Why don't you start by posting your actual thyroid hormone levels?  You should be getting tested for Free T3, Free T4 and TSH, at regular intervals.  

I don't think the problem is that the medication doesn't work; it sounds like you've simply never been given a therapeutic dose of medication...

If you're, really, still having drainage from the incision where your thyroid was removed, you need to have that checked, as there could be an infection there... that should have been healed within a couple of months following the surgery...
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Oh dear, I just posted on this and it didn't show up... this happens occasionally... perhaps a short post will "coax" it out, so I won't have to "re-create" my entire post...
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Ahh, it worked...
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