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TGIF @ the Thyroid Pub -- Your Social Thread .. Topic tonight: AROUND THE WORLD travels ...

It seems quite a few of our thyroid friends have been traveling extensively, while others are sticking close to home.  Tell us about your travels .. where have you been, what have you seen in the world, where you live, where you'd like to live, where you're going, and what you like most and where!

How did having a thyroid issue impact any of your travel plans?  Or, did you do the travels before you were ill?

Anything goes here .. this is YOUR thread .. go for it ... tell us about yourself, your travels, the fun you've had .. and, any thyroid stuffs inbetween are just fine, too!

co-cl thyroid
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I make certain I pack my Synthroid in two bottles and one is on my body (in a pocket) and the other one in my suitcase.  I'm not taking any chances .. not ever.  I got caught w/o my meds unexpectedly once and by the 3rd day I wasn't comfortable not having them, so I learned my lesson once and now when I travel that's what I do.

My favorite place to visit is California .. San Francisco is where I've left my heart 25yrs ago on a vacation .. hoping to get back soon and do some sightseeing again with the family maybe in the Spring.  To think the kid weren't even born 25yrs ago .. YIKES .. and no thyroid woes, either .. YIKE again!

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Glad you specified on where you put your *on your person* med stash, I had to stop and ponder that for a moment!  heheeeheheee!  Hugs! ~Kim

I went to Florida with the kids this summer - right after a mammo and right before the *near breast biopsy*!!!! (remember friends, it seemed to be a false alarm)!  Anyway, we took the kids and it was wonderful - so much so my 3yr old wants to live there!  I guess that will be our yearly venture.  We had never taken the kids on vacation before and never did have that honeymoon (married for 4 yrs now)...... so that's all I have on the vacation antics!  Pittiful, I know!
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This year I went to the ASAP conference in Arlington ,VA.....to learn more about another dx of mine...chiari....my daughter drove and attended the meetings with me...I was afraid with my brain fog I'd get home and not remember anything....I met alot of very nice people and drs....including one that wrote an amazing poem I've been sharing thru my journal....
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C ~ Think we ought to meet in SF sometime .. went there for a conference a about 8 (?) years ago and absolutely loved the city, the Wharf, the food, China Town, the ocean the breeze and the people.  Think we should "do the town" as a gift to ourselves .. when we complete our weight loss journeys.

Great idea about the meds .. never even thought about that.  While I don't have "thyroid" problems, do have "migraines" and would hate to be caught without my meds.

Florida is wonderful and glad you got to enjoy it, mommy2two2008 .. lolll about your 3-year-old wanting to live there.

My dream vacation is to Las Vegas .. only to meet 3 gentlemen who were instrumental in my weight loss.  Otherwise, it I'm in love with Washington state .. it has everything . mountains, ocean, lakes, plains, trees ... can hardly wait to visit there again.

Is this a quiet Friday????
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I love, love, love traveling. . .I know if I ever won the lottery, I would spend the majority of my time traveling the world.

We've been to London, Amsterdam, Spain (multi-cities), Morocco, Mexico. . .
I loved all of those places for different places, I would be hard pressed to name a favorite.

In the US, we've been to New Orleans, San Francisco, Vegas, NYC, Atlanta,  DC, Baltimore, Los Angeles, San Diego, Atlantic City and various other places. . .

I agree with Chit-Chat. . .San Francisco is probably my favorite US city although NYC and New Orleans aren't far behind.  
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LOVE LOVE LOVE NEW ORLEANS..... then again, I come from Cajun Country!!!  LOL - Born and Raise in Louisiana (and lived here most of my life - with only a short time away!!)  Vudoo Fest is going on now.... wish I could be there!
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Wow - I wonder where my typing skills went..... "born and raised in Louisiana...." --- man, I seriously CAN type.... I do it for a living..... guess I am used to auto spell check!
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.....I usually go camping with my daughter...the last 3 yrs we went to MA......we also were in Europe...she has traveled all over for dance and I went along....so many places, not sure I 'll ever get back to tho so I am glad I went when I had the chance.
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Mardi Gras .. never been to New Orleans!  Never been  to LA!  

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....right now I am sooooooooooo sleepy, gotta go to bed....I'll dream of traveling....backto all the beautiful places I 've been to......youall have a good night now......"selma"
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Ahhhh, San Francisco and the wine country, Washington DC (wonderful with the kids), Florida panhandle (love Destin), Seattle, Virginia coast, New Orleans, Hawaii, and my favorite place in the world:  Oregon Coast!  

I used to take week long trips, by myself, and just drive the length of the Oregon Coast - the most beautiful place in the world.

Haven't traveled for about 5 years now and it's a bummer.  Mentally I check out all the time though.  :-)
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If money were no option, I would travel too .. incessantly!  My sis told me that if I love San Francisco, San Diego and Washington so well, that Oregon tops them.  Haven't been so will have to follow her advice and utahmomma .. and see for myself.  Planning to go to Washington next year, hopefully .. 2 years ago stayed with a girl I met through work and formed a fast friendship.  Miss her and her family and long for the clam chowder and she promises sushi and oysters next time.  Don't know about the oysters, but will try.

Have been to Cancun, Hawaii, Florida, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, New Mexico, Old Mexico, Ohio and Kansas.  Kansas is a favorite because it is home to my grandbabies.  Gonna try to sneak off soon to see them ..

Thanks for the trips around the world .. and would really like to travel like lilypad300 .. WoWWWW.  Selma .. perhaps one of these Friday nights we can all share our favorite camping stories!  LOLL ... just remembering some of them has brought back fond memories.

Appreciate sharing the evening with all of you .. my new best thing to do on Friday evening!!!  ChitChat .. New Orleans, you and me .. Mardi Gras .. mark it on the calendar within the next 3 years .. lolll   Perhaps we should have a group trip!  ;0)

Nite all .. turning into a pumpkin.
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Google Oregon Coast then look at the images!   Also check out "Otter Rock Oregon"  I *love* that area.  

Nothing better than sitting on the beach early in the morning, cup of coffee in my hands, warm blanket or coat on (it's cool there) and watching the whales.   Jagged cliffs, amazing lighthouses, magnificent trees, sea life like crazy - it's all wild and beautiful.

Yeah, much better than Hawaii but I'll take the temperatures in Hawaii anytime.

Ahhhhh - mental vacation.    I feel better now!
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WoWWW .. now that was worth Googling!!!  That does it .. I'm going!!!  Have a nephew who lives there so I'd have a place to stay.  Definitely putting this on my "to do" list.  Thanks for the wonderful idea and the pictoral tour .. how amazing was that!!!  That was the little "get away" I needed!
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Hi.  Well I went to San Francisco the year of the big earthquake (I think around 86) a day after and was one of the first to ride on Bart (an underground railroad type train) while there where still tremors.  The city though alot was rough.  The Bay bridge was down in which was wild and yet pretty still.  They had little red train like busses that took you to places and the crocked street was really cool and wild along with all of the neat stores.  

My dream I guess some day is to swim in an ocean and feel the sand and waves on and under my feet.  Any ocean would do.  The Oregon Coast sounds beautiful though with being able to watch the whales and all would just be heaven.  As for med's if I could do all of this I don't think I would worry about meds.  LOL  I would just take up every moment I could................Amy
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