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TGIF tonight .. Stella ? .. You on to open the thread tonight?

I know you are busy first week back to work; but tonight you can celebrate that it is FRIDAY and another day closer to your thyroid appt ......

You on to start it ?

Where has TheCarMan been?  We scare him away lately?  Maybe AR knows.

Speaking of AR .... what you want to do tonight .... want to be the bouncer?

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     Try a hot toddy from behind the bar. That may help your vile sore throat. Sure hope so. Hate thoes things
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I promised the first round would be on me tonight. Sorry, DLA, don't mean to create too much work for you back there behind the bar, but I didn't make it last week for my birthday cocktail. Maybe Stella could toss some nuts up on the bar for us to snack on, too.  :))

Cheers, all!

- viv
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Got anything behind that bar for a vile soar throat?  Seems I have decided to catch the family cold-last one to get it and I have to work tonight!  Throat has been feeling rather full lately due to enlarged thyroid and nodules and now it has to be sicker on top of that!  I will need something stiff now to nap before work tonight!
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WHERE is Utah anyway?  Hope she is ok?  So your recliner is already reserved ... ok ok ok .... I'll be there on the later side ... You open it up if Stella STANDS us up!

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OK.  Y'all can come to the pub tonight, but I'm warning you I'm already in my recliner behind the bar and I'm not moving!  I'm also not serving anybody but myself.  Well, maybe Utah.  It's hard for her to reach the booze from her bean bag on the floor by me.

It's been a horrid week for me and I'm ready to get cyber plastered!!  
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