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For many years, you have have selflessly given your love and support  to millions of people who have visited MedHelp.  Your devotion to helping others is an inspiration to all of us!  I want to personally thank you for personifying the vision that Phil Garfinkel and I had when we began MedHelp so long ago.  Words cannot adequately express how much I appreciate all you have done.

I hope everyone will join me in thanking you for years of dedication to MedHelp Communities and in wishing  you happiness and good health.

Cindy Thompson
Co-Founder, MedHelp

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I've worked with Cheryl for 8 years and I know I haven't always been easy, but things haven't always been easy either... In spite of everything, we've worked closely and always managed to come out on top.  

I'm sorry to see you go, Cheryl... Thank you for all the work you've done...
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Thank you so much Cindy for your kind words. We have all been blessed to know you and be able to help others on the  MedHelp communities as you envisioned so many years ago. Together we can make a difference, and together we are.

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Thank you so much Barb for your kind words, too.  They mean a lot. I'm so glad we met 8 years ago when I posted asking about what to expect having a thyroid FNA ... the rest is history helping so many members who suffer from thyroid issues.

I believe we met by destiny, not chance .. and we'll always be helping others as you have helped me.

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Oh Cindy, this is very nice, thank you!  I have worked with Cheryl several years.  She has always been helpful, knowledgeable and kind.  We are going to miss her very much.  Her assistance has been invaluable.  I wish we could have a going away party for her.  Much love Cheryl, Dee
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