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Today marks 6 weeks that I've been off my Levo.  I have the thyroid ultrasound and uptake scan next Wednesday.  This time the fatigue did not hit me as quickly though.  Last year it hit within a week of taking my last dose of Levo, this time around it didn't hit me until yesterday.  Yesterday morning and this morning I could barely get out of bed and get ready for work.  I haven't been Hypo in a long time so this is bringing back some pretty bad memories.  The last ultrasound did show that I now have a multinodular goiter.  In the past I only had one nodule.  I'm getting to the point where I just wish they would take the crazy thing out so I can get off this Hyper/Hypo  roller coaster.  My niece had hers removed about 6 years ago and said she felt great once they got her meds adjusted.  What do those of you who have had yours removed think?
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Why are you off your thyroid meds? I see no indication that you had a removal for cancer correct?

I only see a goiter issue and usually you do not need to go off meds to have another US scan w/out meds to see what's up/
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She took me off six weeks ago for the uptake scan.  They found another nodule when they did my last US.  
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