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TPO antibodies reults. Need help...........

I got my TPO antibodies results and need some help interpreting them! I need to know what it means to have a low level of antibodies in your system? My reults cam back at <10 so I know while it doesn't mean I have a high level of antibodies it does show that antibodies are in my system. Is that normal or am I in the possible beginning stages of a thyroid issue? My TSH was in the normal ranges at 1.59

Thanks in advance for any help!!!!

Lisa ;o)
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If you are under the normal range, then it means you do not have the antibodies present and are lucky. If it came back borderline, then you need to keep an eye on it. What was the lab range used for this??
Your TSH is good ....this is a pituitary function test. You should have also at least had a Free T4 test done. But a Free T3 test is important too if not most important as this is the most active thyroid hormone in the body.
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most doctors say that low level of antibodies are of no concern.  However, my natural dr told me that any level of detectable antibodies is still a concern and at least should be monitored (maybe by annual tsh testing, or if you become symptomatic) as it may indicate that there may be possibility of thyroid issue in the future.

TSH sounds pretty good.  Were there any other tests done?  Are you having symptoms?
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