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I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's ten years ago.  Am most comfortable with supressed tsh.  Labs say T4 is high, T3 low.  Seems as though tsh triggers antibody/symptoms. Whenever they change meds, even a little, symptoms come back hard and fast;  weight gain, skin sensitivity, confusion, weepiness, overwhelmed by everything, overactive bladder, constipation, muscle weakness (can't smile or make facial expressions), exhaustion, can't grasp "trick of the light" situations,  even stumbled like a drunk on a day I forgot to take meds.
There's power in numbers--anyone else out there this sensitive? Dr. is changing meds tomorrow.  Last time I started to loose consciousness with slowed heart rate.
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My recent lab results were:  TSH Sensitive 6.15 which is high (.34 - 4.82) while the FT4 was 0.54 which is slightly low (0.60 - 1.35) Are these numbers in conflict.  My Dr prescribed levothyroxine 0.05MG for the low (.06) reading.  Does this sound right?  I've never had a problem in the past and I'm 69.


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Hi Bill welcome! Yes you are hypothyroid and need meds. Your T4 level is low too, so putting you on starting dosage of .05 sounds right. You will see how well at your 6 week testing. Make sure you go for your 6 week workup for labs and do all your follow-up.
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Unfortunately, sickofhashi's post was never answered.
Sometimes traffic is brisk and a question slips by.

Your high TSH result and your low Free T4 result are not in conflict. When your thyroid hormones are low (FT4 & FT3), your TSH rises in response. TSH stimulates the thyroid to step up hormone production. In your case, even though Your TSH is demanding more of the thyroid, the thyroid is not able to deliver.

Your Free T4 is quite low. Whether the dose of Levothyroxine is correct or not is trial and error. You will have to wait six weeks and then retest to see what your levels are.

Welcome to the forum, Bill.
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