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TSH in super HYPER Range...help!

Hi guys!  I am truly sorry I have not been on MH for over a month!  And this is why...

We found out on Feb 26th that we're expecting baby #2.  From the beginning of March to the present I have been in and out of the hospital.  I started vomitting the first weekend in March and have been unable to stop.  So my first trip to the ER showed I had a TSH of .055 when my normal is usually 2.9!  That and the pregnancy the doctors chalked it up to morning sickness.  Well then to find out two days later I had a severe UTI as well.  Oh the whammy's kept coming.  So my 5th trip to the ER in about 2 weeks they decided to inform me that all the oral antibiotics would not kill the type of UTI I had because it was Psudomonosis (sp?) and because of the pregnancy they could only do IV antibiotics.  I was admitted that night and kept for 48 hours.  Then I was on outpatient basis with the APU for the next 5 days.  They had me on Gentamyicin.  I am on 3 different anti-nausea meds (obviously not helping)...Zofran (8mg 3xdaily), Reglan (10mg 3xdaily) and Phenergan (sup. 25mg 3xdaily).  I also have been placed on Zantac (150mg 2xdaily) and Vitamin B6.  Needless to say this weekend I ended up back at the hospital.  Labor and Delivery welcomed the change from super pregnant women to a 9 week pregnant female who couldn't stop vomitting.  Ha!  I was praying to switch places with any of those screaming women in full blown labor!  

My HCG is incalcuable...it's over 300,000.  Now I'm well aware that this could be simply Hyperemisis like they say, but I am worried it could be Gestational Transient Thyroidtoxicosis.  They often present the same, but the doctors will not do anything about that until after 12 weeks and they don't seem to think that is the issue.  I did not have an ounce of morning sickness with my son and have had 3 miscarriages between his birth and this baby to which none produced this level of nausea and vomitting.  

The UTI is gone.  Tested multiple times.  My new TSH level is 0.02.  I am at a loss here.  I can barely get out of bed and I have to somehow take care of myself and my son.  I'm losing my sanity with all this illness.  I just want to feel normal again.  Any suggestions, thoughts, help....etc would be much appreciated.  

Thank you,
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Did they run your free t3 and free t4 as well??? The free's should be looked at more so than the tsh to see where your active hormone levels are at.
I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that this will be figured out for you.
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Do they have you on PTU or an anti-thyroid med?
PTU is safe to take whilst pregnant.
Safer than being without an ATD.
Ask about PTU to get that TSH up a little.
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They did run the free's.  I will have to look at the labs to see what they were.  I can't believe I forgot to put those in my original post.  


No they are against me being put on anti-thyroid drugs.  They believe this is all pregnancy related and nothing more.  Their only excuse for this so far is that my resting heartbeat is not over 100 beats per minute.  Funny how walking across a room gets me winded and dizzy beyond belief.  The only other time I felt like this is when I went through  my thyroid crashes.  I've had two but they don't think that will affect the pregnancy.  I'm still not  convinced.

Thanks for the posts!  I will post the free's in the morning.  Getting up right now is making me ill--- :(  The husband's already asleep so I can't get him to play fetch for me.  Oh well.

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Free T3: 4.5  (it was marked high on my lab sheet)

Free T4: 1.67  (again another high mark)

So I'm not sure what this all means.  I am used to my FT4 being like .6 or something, but now it is super up there.  The Free T3 is usually a lot lower too.  Logically this tells me that I am hyper and not hypo like I'm used to being.  I have an appointment on the 10th with my OB/GYN and I'll bring this up to her then.  I am even willing to email my Endo in Hawaii to see what she feels is up.  Knowing her she'll side with the docs here.  She doesn't like to make ripples in the pond.

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untreated hyperthyroidism can casue miscarage in the first trimester...get on the phone and find out why the heck they arnt working on getting you back in the normal range.

and my guess for babies sex...girl. My daughter made me soooooo sick.

Hope you feel better soon.
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I keep complaining to the docs...very educationally too might I add!  They just won't listen.  I'm really at a loss.

Although my mother's side of the family has this 'issue' when they carry female pregnancies.  With males it's mild or no symptoms at all--which I did with my son.  However this time around I'm almost textbook for what my mom went through but worse.  She had hyperemisis too.  Although they say she has no thyroid issue, I'm looking into that for her.  She just got her lab results today.  :)  So I'm thinking it's a family thing.  Thyroid issues are HUGE on my mom's side as well.  I don't believe that coincidence should be overlooked by the medical community.  Oh well.  Thank you though for all your help.  

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