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TSH level

Is my levels normal my TSH is 1.19, but my eyes are swollen again iam gaining weight and iam tired all the time and i take 125 thyroxine, i just feel arwful all the time is this normal to feel like this. Lynn
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What were your free T3 and free T4 results? You need these test results as well to see the whole picture.
Do you have hashimoto's?
Normal doesn't mean normal for hashi patients. Hang in there. :)
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I havernt been given my T4 results they dont do the T3 they said it is not necessary. I am being treated for an uder-active thyroid. Lynn
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Did your doctor figure out your reason for being hypothyroid? This needs to be known in order to best treat you. Did your dr even run a test for Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroid disease?
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I am currently on Armour Thyroid (180 mg.)  I am still very tired, ringing in my ears, joint pain, red palms, low temperature, depressed, thinning hair, bottom of feet are orange/rusty.  My thyroid tests always shows really high T3 and low to mid-range T4.  I wondered if anyone out there is on more than 180 mg. of Armour.  Also, how high can T3 be and still be safe....
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I am sorry Lynn-I posted a question of my own, as a comment on your question.  I am sorta new on this site and make an occasional mistake.  I hope I did not confuse you.  Just ignore my comment....thanks!
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