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TSH ping-pong 75.9 to 0.17 in six weeks

Having been extremely hypo with at TSH of 75.9 then having my labs run today and having a 0.17 I have to say I'll take hyper over hypo any day.  :-)

The coldness, exhaustion, cramping, and (most of) brain fog are gone and are now replaced with heat intolerance, insomnia, and agitation.  I'm watching for the heart palpitations and fast heart rates.  Made an urgent appointment with the endo for next week - thinking the meds may need to be adjusted a wee bit.  
:-)  Oh, the weight loss thing never did kick in - I've put on 8 lbs since coming off the LID at Thanksgiving.  Leave it to me, the one good side effect is the one I DON'T get.  :-)

This is the lowest my TSH has been and I know what to watch for with thyroid storm.   I dropped from 2.1 to 75.9 in just three weeks then back to 0.17 six weeks later so I know that my levels can move quickly.  I have another week until I see the endo so I'm afraid it may drop a bit lower.

My question is; how low can the TSH levels go before I really have to worry?

Bad time to stop HRT - I'm having double hot flashes!!  If you see a warm glow coming from somewhere in the Western half of the U.S. it's me.  :-)

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whats a thyroid storm
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I answered to your post down below.

Going off HRT is going to change your levels.  I don't know to which direction, I haven't checked my notes, if I have any on this subject.

Also that is why I say to dose slowly, that is, change dose to the next dose, to the next dose, and so on.  Also make sure you wait plenty of time between dose changes to give the pill/new dosage plenty of time to work for you.

Also our body stores extra thyroid hormone in other parts of the body, that the body needs to and does get ride of. So you might see this reflected in your Labs.  For most this takes a couple of weeks, that is why it is suggested to watch out for thyroid storm especially for us hypers. Thyroid storm usually happens around this time that the thyroid is getting ride of extra stored thyroid hormones...it is called dumping.

You'll be alright - just keep the endo appointment and discuss it.
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Remember your thyroid is basically the controller of your body's metabolism.  Kind of like a regulator valve or thermostat.  When it's not working correctly either everything slows down (hypothyroidism) or speeds up (hyperthyroidism).

Thyroid storm is a rare, dangerous, sometimes life threatening condition that can be brought on by thyroid surgery, RAI, over medication (my concern), and extreme hyperthyroidism (TSH too low).  It's something that the hospital staff watches for closely after TT and, if hospitalized, RAI.  I'm just concerned about it since my TSH levels are crashing so quickly and I'm showing some of the symptoms (which are also signs of hyperthyroidism so I'm keeping close tabs on it).

Here's a pretty good description and list of symptoms from

During thyroid storm, the heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature can become uncontrollable high. Whenever thyroid storm is suspected, the patient must go immediately on an emergency basis to the hospital, as this is a life-threatening condition that can develop and worsen quickly, and requires treatment within hours to avoid fatal complications such as stroke or heart attack.

High fever of 100 to as high as 106
A high heart rate that can be as high as 200 beats per minute
Palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath
High blood pressure
Confusion, delirium and even psychosis
Extreme weakness and fatigue
Extreme restlessness, nervousness, mood swings
Exaggerated reflexes
Difficulty breathing
Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
Recent dramatic weight loss may have taken place recently
Profuse sweating, dehydration
Stupor or coma

Sounds like fun, eh?  :-)
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Thanks.  I did read your post below but haven't gotten to a reply yet so this will have to do.  :-)

My endo had me on 150mcg for over a year then went to 175mcg.  About a year ago he increased it to 200mcg but the TSH continued to climb (hence the RAI).  I'm pretty sure he's going to back me down to 175 or 150mcg  (sniffle).  I just didn't want to wait the two months it would take to get in to him on a regular appointment since I felt a huge "shift" in my heat tolerance, mood, etc. around New Years and figured my TSH was down around (or below) the target range we established of of <1.0.

I'm watching out for the cardiac symptoms but no problems so far.  My car knows the way to the emergency room if there are symptoms.  :-)

I'm taking myself off my HRT since I can't get in to see the OB/GYN until *OCTOBER*  - gee, a rush on OB/GYN appointments in Utah, go figure.  :-)  I've spoken with his nurse however and told her what I'm doing and he okay-ed it.  I'm stepping down slowly *unless* my mammogram next week isn't good then I'm going cold turkey on the HRT!

If my body is storing extra thyroid hormones in my thighs (it's storing SOMETHING there) it can go ahead and dump those - oh, and the waist too.  I'm hoping that the rapid weight loss kicks in pretty soon but, knowing my luck . . .

Thanks for all your help on this.  The labs still have me confused.  Give me a suspicious nodule to talk about any day!

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Well they told me normal was 5 and they did the test you told me they would before RAI. It came back at .98 or 98 whichever hypo would be I guess. Does that seem worrisome
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by the way yall teach me so much. Maybe we should go to endo school. Nah no energy.
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ok Utahmomma remember I am still slow cause I haven't been on meds. If I have no thyroid how can it be hyper would't it be hypo. Sorry if its a dumb question jus wondering
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You posted two different things.  98 is way above the recommended levels and would be hypo (since you had RAI a few days ago I'm betting that's your reading).  You also posted .98 which would be exactly what your doctor would want and, by the TSH standards, would make you hyper.  Hyper is good - within limits.

Don't worry, you'll be there in about six weeks or so.
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duh I tell you! I will be normal soon and hopefully back to normal. Thanks for listening and helping. This chat room is helping me keep my mind off everything and you know how the whole depression thing and everything else can get you
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I know - my depression during RAI was the worst I've experienced.  Hang in there!  You are going through so much right now but you have this board to keep you afloat!!  You'll be okay.  Circle Valentine's Day on your calendar and shoot for that.  Use it as a goal.  By then you should be feeling much better and what a great day for you and your boyfriend to celebrate being there for each other!!!
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You're bored out of your mind being isolated following RAI, aren't you.  Been there, thank heavens for computers!!

When you've been through thyroid cancer most endos want to keep the TSH level somewhere around 1.0 so your .98 is *perfect* (and is hyper, not hypo).  Your levels will probably change after your levels balance out on your thyroid medication following our RAI.

Here's the new TSH level recommendations (stolen from Ask.com)
(June, 2006)  Even though recommended changes to clinical laboratory standards were announced last year, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) identified changes early this year, and journals are publishing information about the findings, your doctor probably is still unaware that a major revamping has been done to the so-called "normal range" for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) tests -- the primary blood test used by conventional doctors to diagnose thyroid disorders.
    Until recently, the standard was that the normal range for TSH at most laboratories has fallen in the 0.5 to 5.0 range, with hyperthyroidism being below .5, and hypothyroidism above 5.0.
    The new guidelines, however, the range for acceptable thyroid function, and thyroid treatment should be considered for patients who test between the target TSH levels of 0.3 to 3.0, a far narrower range.

Your doctor will want to keep your TSH level low and watch it closely because a climb in your TSH *could* indicate a growth of thryoid tissue and require another dose of RAI (this is how they found my cancer was regrowing - my labs jumped 3x higher in 6 months)
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Great idea!!!!!
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