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TSH was 414 with a T4 of 0.13.

My 17 yr old son had a full physical as required to start college.  Just a routine visit has turned into a nightmare.  His TSH was 414 with a T4 of 0.13.  The doctor retested and got almost the exact same results.  He doesn't have any alarming symptoms that I can tell, just sluggishness and depression which after speaking to him about I just put off as him being a "typical lazy teenager."  I have been trying to get him into see an endo before he heads off to school in 3 months but most endos are scheduling 3 months out.  Some endos will not see him because he is not 18 and there are only 6 pediatric endos within a 100 mile radius who are just plain booked up.  How concerned should I be about waiting so long to see an endo?
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when you spoke to the doc office, did you mention his labs?  he needs to be seen asap.  beg.  lie.  threaten.  he needs to be seen now.  he's suffered long enough.

did the gen prac put him on any meds in the meantime?
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Yes, I did mention his labs - but talking to a simple receptionist who appearently has no medical knowledge doesn't get me very far.  I have asked to speak to a doctor and get nowhere.  I can't seem to get past the receptionists who don't seem to care or understand the urgency.  My son's pediatrician has not started him on any meds.  She indicates that she has very little knowlege regarding thyroid condition and insists he see a endo first.  I repect her admission of not knowing much about his condition, but am still frustrated that she hasn't made any attempt at an interim treatment.  Anyway,  I finally did finally get an appointmentwith a pediatric endo about 50 miles from home - after I had the doctors office fax the lab results over - they need proof that I was not exagerating his condition.  His appointment is this coming Tuesday.
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i'm sorry that it's been so difficult, but i'm so glad that he has an appointment.  great work getting him in to be seen!  your efforts paid off.

poor fella.  what are his symptoms?  is he short?  puffy?  tired?  enlarged neck/thyroid?

he probably has adjusted and found ways to compensate, as it seems from the numbers that he's had this for awhile.  thank god it's been caught so that he can begin treatment.

where do you live?  endos are hard to find, and once you find them, it's hard to get an appointment!!  parents of kids with thyroid issues are on this forum a lot talking about how difficult it is to get an appointment.  it's appalling!  the pediatrician/gen prac offices need to get these kids appointments with endos asap because the endos don't trust the actual patient.  
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I live in rural Northwestern Illinois.   There are only 6 ped endos within a 100 mile radius from my home.  

He is short infact, only 5' 4".  He has always been a stocky child though and I never thought too much about it. and LAZY!  sleeping all day and lacking ambition - hard to decipher if this is a symptom of hypothyroidism or simply being a teenage boy.  He is not one to complain about anything, but now that we have this intial diagnosis, he has mentioned that he always had muscle aches and is always cold - when he is not at home.  I have Hypothyroidism too and my temperatures in the house are set at a comfortable level for me.

He is now paying more attention to how he feels and says he's scared - whether it is being scared or something else - he said his heart is beating a little fast.  He called me from work tonight and is now on his way home (just a few blocks away) - I'm not messing around.  I already called the ER and told them I'm bringing him in.  Leaving in about 5 minutes...  
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i hope everything is okay.  he is probably scared now.  let us know.

take care.
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Took my son to the ER.  Ended up with a great ER doctor!  Told him of the situation and he profusely apologized on behalf of his profession.  He ran no tests - taking my word for the test results - why else would I come into the ER at that time of night?  He got in touch with an Endo - Adult not Ped who told him exactly what should be prescribed (50 mcg of Synthroid)  He also got this doctor to agree to see him within the next two weeks,  I have to call the endo in the morning.  He will then test my son again to see if the meds help and adjust the dosage as necessary.  I am so happy!  and relieved.  The ER doc said several more times that he was sorry that I had to resort to bring my son to the ER for this but also mentioned that levels that high can sometimes be life threatening and he was glad I brought him in although, after examining my son, he did not believe that my son's case was life threatening.  But at least I'll sleep better tonight.  Thanks for your support.
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