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TSH "within normal limits", feel better, so why increase dosage?

For the past 8 years, I have been treated with Levoxyl for Hypothyroidism, gradually increasing from 25 mcg to my now current 100 mcg.  I was bumped up to 100 mcg 7 weeks ago, after finding out TSH was 6.9.  Over the past year, I've been symptomatic (joint pain, wt. gain, fatigue, dry skin).
I feel great now, except for an occasional jittery feeling and palpitations.  My 6 week recheck revealed TSH of 3.71.  
My question, why would my Dr. want to increase me to 125 mcg if TSH is WNL, especially since I've experienced some jitteriness/palpitations. His nurse said they like to keep hypothyroid pts. at a 2-3 TSH. But why?  I'm hesitant to increase my dose, because I feel much better.  He mentioned some pts. do better with Armour thyroid.  Any suggestions/thoughts?
Just to give a better picture, I have no other health issues, 30 years old, am 5'8", weigh 130 lbs, (gained 10 lbs in past year), exercise, eat well, (occasionally soy).  Under lots of stress from nursing school, though!  
Thanks for your input!
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Because the new upper-limit on normal range for TSH is now 3.  But if you feel better at around 6 or 7 then stay there.  Docs need to treat patients and their symptoms - not the labs - when it comes to thyroid issues.  If being hypo (according to the new ranges) feels best for you and you aren't having any problems with it (and you aren't a cancer survivor) then stick with what feels good for you
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I am just concerned that if a hypo state is long term other things could be happening. Do you have a cholestrol blood panel done?

If you feel right at the numbers you say. you should be checked for liver panels, cholestrol levels and bone scan/calcium tests.

If these all come out good there really should be no reason to have to make a big switch on your meds. But you should be monitored for changes if they start happening.
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Thanks for the feedback.  First, let me clarify, TSH is now at 3.71 (it was 6-7 prior to increasing dose to 100 mcg)  I had not heard the new upper-limit on normal range for TSH had actually changed...interesting.  There will be many more "hypo" people all of a sudden.  
I was going by the lab's normal range of 0.40-4.50.  And since 3.71 is WNL based on that scale, and I feel better overall, so hesitant to increase.  

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Yes, I had a lipid panel, CMP, CBC... Everything but TSH is good.  Total chol. is 156 with 2.0 ratio. I didn't have any other thyroid tests, though, such as T4.  No bone scan, but calcium is normal.  
I did just read on Medline Plus that those treated for thyroid disorder should be bet. 0.5 and 2.0.  Maybe I just answered my own question!   Just don't want to feel more jittery if I bump up to 125 mcg.  
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Most commenly the jitters will stop after you get a decent stable level again on your meds. with a lower TSH. I am impressed that your docotr respects the new AACE references range for you - usually the are still living in the dark ages and a patient needs to fight to get more meds at your TSH.

A T4 test would be interesting to see - you may have a bump in that road that is giving you your symptoms. I would at least give it a try on the 125 for the duration until your test again. If anything you have a full 6 weeks to monitor your situation and when your visit with your doctor is set up you can discuss your situation. At least you would know and he would know - something is going on.
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Oh - have you been sick or ill with this nasty virus going on? It is a proven fact and I have spoke to many medical individuals this past week about this - that with a bad cold or virus - TSH will change when ill. This illness especially effects thyroid patients from what I hear.
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I think a T4 would be a good idea, too. Maybe time to revisit Endocrinologist if it doesn't stabilize at a higher dose. Have been managed by GP for past few years.
And no colds/viruses since last Fall...knock on wood!  
Thanks again!
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I've had a lot of tests run and told my thyroid is WNL. I had a ultrasound that showed two tumors. My TSH was just ran and this time I was given a # instead of just told normal. It's 3.13. With a weight gain of 75 lbs. over the past 5 years, so I'm worried. I've not changed what, when or how much I eat, except for less and my weight will drop a few lbs. only to go higher. Could this be my thyroid? I know about thirty years ago I was put on thyrolor 1 (sp?) when my weight started to go up at a fast rate. I was put on Levrothroxin (sp?) but had adverse reaction a couple of yrs. ago. I feel that no dr. wants to try to treat me because of this. Can I test WNL and have it not working later or only at times?
Thank You
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It might be good if you start your own thread, listing symptoms, lab results (with reference ranges, since these vary from lab to lab).  

Most definitely, labs can vary - particularly TSH, which can very intraday.......

There are no known adverse reactions to levothyroxine; however, manufacturers use different fillers/binder, which can cause problems.
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