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TT, Thyroid meds and ADHD meds

I am scheduled for a TT on April 19th because of an enlarged thyroid with benign nodules on both sides that are causing me alot of neck compression problems. My thyroid levels are normal but very low normal(borderline for being low) and my antibodies are high. I have been taking Adderall for about 4 yrs, I was diagnosised with Adult ADD at the same time my daughter was diagnosised with ADD. I take a fairly low does but I really don't want to stop taking it after my TT. I realize that for several weeks or months that I will be getting my meds regulated and so I am not really concerned about getting back on the adderall until all my levels are back to normal. I have not really talked about this with my Endo or my GP because I am just now facing the fact that I have no other choice but to have the surgery. I am going to my GP this week to discuss this issue. Has anyone had any experience with ADD meds with a TT and taking thyroid meds?  Any feedback would be great. I hate that I have to take these meds anyway and now I will be having to take more meds daily after my surgery. I know this may sound like a trival concern as opposed to everything else related to this surgery, but these meds have helped me tremendously so this is a real concern for me right now.
This is a great forum and hearing everyone's personal experiences has really helped me prepare for this surgery. Everybody seems to be very supportive and helpful.  THANKS!!!!
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I'm sorry that I don't know the answer to your questions but I just had a TT for pap carcinoma and I was on ADD meds from my senior year of law school until I graduated from law school and I was wondering if maybe there was a link to the nodule I had (mine was malignant though) to having been on the meds.  Does anyone else have a history of being on ADD meds?  I stopped taking them in 20001 when we were trying to get pregnant and felt good without them so never went back on them.
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I dont take add meds but I am bipolar So I take celexa/zyprexa.I take my syntrhoid  first thng in the am and then I take all my other meds at night.It works out okyou should be able to do ok if you you take your meds spread apart like that.
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I have actually had a goiter since I was 14 (43 now). My thyroid levels have been low at times but I never really took anything for it and they always leveled out.  My surgeon is very experienced in TT and he said that from looking at all my test results, my history and from the way my thyroid actually feels (when he felt my neck he used some descriptive words that I can't  remember) but he said my thyroid levels have probably been going up and down caused by an auto immune disorder like Hashimoto's and that eventually my thyroid would just burn itself out. I guess it is possible though that once I get my thyroid hormones level that  I would not need the  ADD meds. That would be great if that happened. I have read where Hypo symptoms are similar to ADD symptoms, although it seems like I have symptoms of hyper and hypo. Oh, well I guess time will tell.
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