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TT or Partial Thyroidectomy ? : Did you have any complications after surgery? Were they permanent?

This is a good poll for those to see some of the complications or lack thereof many of us have experienced .. real life answers from real life patients is always a nice way to see the real-world, but remember many on this community have had complications and that is why they are here so it doesn't represent any statistical data - merely as a reference/resource for ourselves.

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I had stich abscesses, an infectious granuloma - both temporary

I have scar tissue which presents with tightness in the neck higher up along the muscle which they *think* is scar tissue.

Scar looks better every day!

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My only coplication was that the doctor had no idea that I had cancer.  He thought I had a goiter on my left side, so after removing the left side of my thyroid he sent it off and a few days later found out that I had Follicular cancer, so 2 weeks after the first surgery I had the rest of my thyroid removed.
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I voted complications that were temporary:

After my TT in August '08, I had severe hypocalcemia which left me in the hospital on an iv calcium drip for 8 days. . .
It is now 12 weeks post-op & I'm happy to say that my calcium levels have normalized & it seems that my parathyroids have kicked back in.

Other than that, my scar is still a bit raised & I just received my second steroid injection today, but it is looking better all of the time.

All in all, I am happy with my treatment choice and would go through it again
(minus the hypocalcemia of course)
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I had hypocaliumia. I had tingling in lips, toes, and hands...then muscle cramping in hands so bad that I could pick up a glass.  I was suppose to be in the hospital for 2 nights and ended up being in for 7 days.  I found out that people with Graves Disease are prone to hypocaliumia after having a TT.  
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Temporary:I had a paralyzed vocal cord so lost my voice for 6 weeks. Permanent: I had 2 parathyroids removed during surgery and the remaining 2 have never resumed working.  
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Does unstoppable weight gain count??
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