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Tendon pain from thyroid meds?

Ever since I started on thyroid medication for low thyroid function I have been having trouble with my tendons and muscles.  The tendon inflammation is the worst.  I've had rhuemtoid arthritis and fibro myalsia but this is more painful and dibilitating.  It started with trigger finger in my thumb and then the tendons that attach to my lower biceps, now in my back and hip,then my neck. They lock up the movement in those areas and cause severe unbareable pain.  
  Before I started on the medication I was running an hour three times a week, lifting wieghts after I ran, and working as a nanny for a one year old and a two year old and chasing and lifting them while playing at playgrounds and other places around the community all without one single twinge of pain, but then my doctor did a blood test and said my thyroid was low and put me on medication.
   After that I started experiencing pain that I had never experienced before.  That is when my thumb locked up and I couldn't move it or if I did it would get stuck in the bent position and only with extreme pain could I straighten it again.  Then other parts of my body started locking up and experiencing extreme pain.  Anti-inflammatory herbs helped but I still had pain.  Then it started to affect my lower back and hip area and I could stand up without extreme pain.  Everymoring it is the same, but with the herbs and yoga the pain gets better as the day goes on.  
   has anyone had symptoms like this from their thyroid medication?
  I have heart palpatations also.  I think the dose is too high.  
  I'll accept any suggestion. Thanks.
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Pleae post the thyroid test results that prompted your doctor to put you on meds.  Include reference ranges as they vary lab to lab.

What thyroid meds are you taking?  What other meds or supplements?  Are you sure to separate thyroid meds from othe meds/supplements by at least 4 hours?

How long have you been on meds?  Did you have hypo symptoms before starting meds?  
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