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Hello, I am a 36 year old male who within the last month ended up in the hospital with chest pain, very high blood pressure 200/160 and difficultly breathing. Doctor at ER ran blood work on my heart and an EKG and everything was alright. He advised me I was having an anxiety attack and gave me Alprazolam to take. Since then I have been to several doctors to try and figure out what is going on. I finally found a doctor who stated it may be a thyroid issue. I have a family history of thyroid problems with my mother having hypothyroidism, my sister just had thyroid cancer (which she is recovering from thank God) and my grandmother on my mother's side also had thyroid issues. Anyway, went and had an ultrasound of my thyroid and it is slightly enlarged overall and the left side is slightly larger than the right, but I have not been told how large slightly is. My GP doctor also ran a TSH and T3 screen and it came back as TSH 0.89 (range 0.34 to 5.6) and T4 was 9.1(range 4.5-12). Based on these results my GP told me I was OK and said I had anxiety, gave me more Aplrazolam and sent me on my way. I went for a second option and he ran more tests--T3free 112 (range 70-112), TSH 0.59 (range 0.47 - 4.68) and Free Thyroxine 1.9 range (0.8-1.9). Based on these results, my symptoms, and my family history he is sending me to an endocrinologist and gave me remeron 30 mg to help me sleep at night. My symptoms are: higher than normal blood pressure 150/90 (I have been on BP medicine since I was 25), higher than normal heart rate (72 to 82 beats per minute resting, used to be around 65), insomnia(went three day with no sleep), difficultly concentrating, uncontrolled shaking hands (if not on new medicine), edgy, nervous, anxious, my heart feels like it is fluttering sometimes (difficult to describe the feeling), chest is tight, loss of appreciate, and one really odd one, my jaw tightens and I have a sore jaw by the end of the day..... Now that I am finally able to get sleep I still am very tired during the day but always feel like I should be doing something. I have also lost 15 pounds in two weeks. Anyway it is another month before I can get into an endo and was curious on your thoughts regarding this.
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Where are you in Illinois?  I grew up in Southern IL  (graduated from SII-Carbondale) and still have lots of family in the area.  

I too have a family history of thyroid problems. I was diagnosed with Graves Diseas a year ago and had TT in Dec 06 for Papillary Thyca.  I have a sister who is scheduled to have a TT on 16 Nov, Her surgeon gave her a 20% chance of the multiple nodules being cancer.  My mother and another sister had thyroid problems in the past but not cancer.  Being hyper from Graves before TT and being hyper now because of high thyroid hormone levels for cancer suppression, some of you symptoms are similar to my symptoms.  I tell people being hypo feels like your body is churning non stop inside, but your laying perfectly still and your heart is racing away.   Anxiety, depression both are quite common for both hyper and hypo thyroids. Don't be afraid to ask for "happy" pills if you're having anxiety or depression.   Insomnia is another symptom I developed not long after my RAI treatment in January 07.  I've been on several sleeping pills for about 5 months now.  Lunesta is working pretty good for me most of the time.

Bottom line, you have to be very proactive in your thyroid treatment plan.  Just remember the doctors work for you and if you're not getting answers you can find a new one.  Hope you fine your answers and feel better.


So just wanted to let you know you're not alone and  you're not crazy.   It's good to see an endocrinologist for thyroid problems.  Make sure the one you're seeing specializes in thyroids and not diabetes.  Most PCP/GP's don't know enough about the thryroid to provide proper treatment.  I would ask you family for copies of there medical records for their thyroid treatment plan to show your new endo and PCP.  I also recommend getting hard copy of your test results.  It helps us here on the forum to understand the lab ranges and exact terminology used by the doctors.
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