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Tg & TgAb Tests After RAI

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. By mahendra9 | 21 hours
1 Comment  Reported Report SpamMiscategorizedAbuseDuplicate..Tg. & TgAb Tests After RAI - HOW LONG DOES THE RAI WORK.?.Dear Doctor Mark Lupo,
I am updating your goodself on my latest PTC
on-going treatment and would like to seek your expert advice on my next course of treatment.
As you are aware I had Total Thyroidectomy for Papillary Thyroid Cancer on 29.6.2011 followed by RAI 131 ( 100mCi) from 7.9.2011 to 10.9.2011.
(Note: my nodule was 5cm aged 67 - I am in Stage IV - that is what the Surgeon told me).
Before my RAI Treatment on 7.9.2011, my thyroid results were as follows:
TSH - 64.22 ,  Tg SGH - 138.00 UG/L ,
TgAb :  <10 U/ML
After a lapse of about 6 months from RAI, I went for a complete Thyroid Profile Test on 24.2.2012 and the results were as follows:
Tg *  - 13.6 UG/L (* - REF.RANGE FOR Thyroidectomy  = 0.00 - 20.0 UG/L),
Tg.Ab - 17.2 U/ML,  TSH - 0.05 iIU/m/l,
Free T3 - 2.69 pg/m/L & Free T4 - 1.76 pmol/L

On my first review on 14.3.2012 after seeing the above result dated 24.2.2012, the ONCO send me for a NECK ULTRASOUND which reads as  follows:
Status Post Thyroidectomy, no suspicious focal lesion in thyroid bed to suggest residual or recurrent diesease. A few nodes (with preservation of fattly hila and measuring less than 10mm in diameter) in left deep cervical and submental regiions. The parotid and submandibular glands are unremarkable. CONCLUSION: STATUS POST TOTAL THYROIDECTOMY WITH NO EVIDENCE OF RECURRENCE OR NODAL DIESEASE.

I have 2 ipinions expressed to me:-
THE ONCOLOGIST - jhas asked me to do a PET SCAN followed by another RAI of 150mCi as he is not convinced with the Tg.Result of 13.6 UG/L which he says denotes the presence of cancer cells.
THE ENDOCRINOLOGIST has adviced me to give some time for the Tg.Level to go down (especially in the presence TgAb antibodies) and asked me to wait another 6 months and go for another retest. In the meantime he has asked me to keep the TSH suppressed to 0.05 by continue taking my Levothyroxine 150 mcg daily. If insptire of the restest, the Tg. does not go down to go for a PET SCAN and other relevant treatment.
With Due Respect to your Doctor, I would like to seek your expert advice as to whom I should follow, the advice of the ONCO or the ENDO.
I would appreciate if you could giv me a brief guided 'Advice Treatment' for my case.
Hoping to hear from your kindself soon.
Thank you Doctor.
Yours truly - Mahendra

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