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The Problem with Doctors

I think they are just as confused as we are but most are too arrogant too admit it or too ignorant to realize it. In researching hypothyroidism, I have read some of the medical research. No sooner does one study reach a certain conclusion than another comes out to disprove it. That's because there is a lot of money in medical research, and it is often funded by the pharmaceutical companies that are pushing their drugs over another. If the makers of levothyroxine do not like the findings of one study that supports Armour or Cytomel, they fund another to disprove the benefits that the other study proved, and it goes on and on as long as someone out there is offering funding. This is tragic for so many animals that are used in medical research, as well as us.

Doctors develop most of their opinions in medical school, and whatever the prevailing wind may be at the time. As my own endo recently pointed out to me, there are other endos out their trained at different institutions that have differing opinions. Later, when they get busy making the big bucks, they have little time to read the latest studies, and even if they do, there are conflicting studies on the same subject. So really, is there any wonder WE are confused? When you come right down to it all we can really judge from is how we are feeling, and all we can do is find a doctor who will treat accordingly. Almost everything else is open to debate, evidently. Medicine is NOT an exact science, and that science is all too often corrupted by money.
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Medicine is not an exact science...that's y drs r practicing.....and I agree they will not admit when thet do not know.....they all move at a snails pace.....that's y we r call patients!

just my thoughts
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Preaching to the choir, but we'll hum in the background while you do it. LOL!!

Seriously, I think you have found a topic we can all agree on.

The biggest problem is, if we get rid of them, who's gonna write my scrips??
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I'm sorry you're feeling so confused.

"In researching hypothyroidism, I have read some of the medical research.”

May I ask?  Where is it that you did/read your research?


Honestly, I don’t think my doctor is confused and I don’t think I am either.
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LOL AR and selma and I agree with you all, including Thy!  I don't think I am confused.... well, maybe I am.  I still don't know what's wrong with me and don't have an answer for my ailing neck, but --- I guess I'll eventually find it and the only person that will finally give me one is a doctor.  Oh well - I guess I am confused.  We shall see if the doctor is confused (mine that is) on Monday.
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I might not be crazy about the dr, might not like what he/she has to tell me, might not like the thing that's ailing me and might not like where or the way things need to go, but there's nothing confusing...

Good luck to you on Monday.


My dr uses the phrase 'lastest studies' more than anyone I've ever known.  Wow, he must be an even bigger super-hero than I had thought - he makes big bucks (huge in fact) and yet, apparently, still and has time to read.
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You are too funny Thy!  
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Mostly their problem is that they don't know their ROLE...like lawyers, or your financial planner, they are ADVISERS.  There's no room for ego.

Since the choir is listening, try reading Melody Petersen's "Our Daily Meds".  It'll curl your hair (you should see mine!).  Doctors in bed with pharmaceutical companies, the government...an absolute mess.
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Ouch goolarra - I am in the legal profession and my husband is an FA.  Ouch is all I can say - I'd have to say that a doc has GOT to be a little more than adviser, as would an attorney or and FA -- since all were trained in their profession and know a LOT more than the average person  -- its just in how they USE the knowledge.  Everyone must remember that docs are people too and there is a lot of room for error, I've had 5 docs in the last 8 months just working on my thyroid - trial and error, but more than an adviser.
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In all fairness, I have to say, doctors are people too, and they are also easy targets.

My GP IS an excellent doctor, and keeps up with current trends as best he can, for a GP. I mean, that's a lot of different areas to keep abreast of. He researched my condition and can discuss it better with me than my Endo can.

I trust him implicitly and look to him for advice.

Some of the specialists I have seen have been good. Some of them have been not good.

I don't see a lot of confusion in the thyroid field. I see differing treatments and philosophies, some a little dated, some current and evolving, some stuck in time somewhere in the 80's, some charlatans preying on people.

The studies I have been reading involve rethinking test limits and averages, and refined definitions of a healthy TSH.

I haven't seen any studies compairing drug efficacy between brands or types, although I suppose they are out there. I wouldn't pay much attention to those types of studies anyway.

I suppose some doctors do, and some doctors don't.

The biggest problem with doctors is there are a limited number of excellent ones, and all the doctors are overworked.
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I'm in the investment advisory field also, so I meant no offense.  Doctors DO know a lot more than the average person in the broad spectrum of medicine, as we know a lot more than the average person on investment/legal issues, etc  However, given the vast amount of information out there today on the internet, etc. (and of course you do have to consider your sources), if you are a reasonably intelligent person, with good research skills, you can very quickly come up to your doctor's speed on your unique problem.  In fact, you can be way beyond your doctor, lawyer, FA, in no time.  I know doctors are people, but they have to start listening to their patients, give them credit for some intelligence.  I have no trouble givng them room for error, but not if they think they're god almighty.  I personally cannot relinquish that much control to them.  There's no way they can possibly have read as much as I have about my particular situation., unless they have some arcane interest in the subject.  Also, all advisers are to some extent driven by interests (their own) that are not necessarily in the client/patient's best interest.  For example, stock brokers would be SOL if they advised their clients to get out of the market.  Doctors are driven by this, too.

I'm sorry, but I stick by my comments. Your doctor is not there to TELL you what to do.  S/he is there to communicate his/her knowledge and to inform you of all your options, to make recommendations, then to let you decide what's best for you.  His or her ego shouldn't be in the way.  I listen to them, and I fully expect them to extend the same courtesy to me.  However, they seldom have the time, unless I'm throwing several hundred dollars per hour at them.

I give them credit for their education, but just look at what you're saying.  Of the thousands (millions?) of possible diseases/conditions out there, how up-to-date do you think they really are on what's going on NOW in each one, in yours.  In our modern world, it's impossible to keep up (more so in medicine than law or finance), and to pretend you can is to do a tremendous disservice to your patients.  
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I agree, drs have to trust their patients and how they feel, just as much as we have to trust them!

Unfortunatly- we can feel like we;ve been thrown under the bus.

I have a dx- no treatment.
I call the drs office - no return calls.
I tried finding a new dr-not accepting new patients at this time.

in the meantime- here I sit wondering what I can or should do- and I feel like ****!

so drs can leave their patients confused, with a need to do their own research.....however, not everything on the web is fact.

I can appreciate that it is hard to keep up with all the new methods of treatment , even dx........or have time to listen to everyone's issues no matter how big or little.......but then send me to someone who has time to listen if u don't!

I need Dr House!!!
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I totally agree. Doctors are not Gods and they don't have all the answers. But the majority of them PRETEND to. That's the only problem I have with them. I would not mind if one were to say to me, "I don't know. Let me study it and I'll get back to you." No, instead, they hand you a prescription for Prozac, or something similiar just to get you out of their office.

I really liked my GP, and I am grateful that the first thing he thought of when I came to him with my symptoms was thyroid. I have learned through this board that many of you have not been that lucky. But when I hit a bump in the road, and he could not figure it out, he treated me like it was all in my head, and it was very humiliating. I even began to doubt myself. I have since learned that you can still have hypo symptoms with TSH in their arbitrary "normal" range, especially with Hashimoto's.

I was on a medical journal website where they publish the research papers searching for the latest study about adding T3 to T4 treatment so that I could show my endo. Well, I found the study that concluded that it does benefit some patients, and I was happy with that. However, I decided to see if there were any more studies similar to that and found many, some which contradict, and some that concur. And just about anything you want to prove can be disproved by someone else.

I'm sorry if I sounded too harsh, but I think it is basically true. Not all, of course but a good many. I guess I am feeling very angry with my current endo, and preparing myself for a confrontation with her. It's not easy for a high school drop out to contradict someone with all those years of education.

When you ask them for certain labs, and they refuse you, what is the reason for it? They act like the money is coming out of THEIR pockets for it. They don't like you tell them what you think you NEED.  One of main reasons my endo objected to adding Cytomel to my treatment is that it very short acting and needs to be taken twice a day. But then when she finally relents and prescribes it, she has me taking it only once a day, and then refuses to do the labs to monitor it. GO FIGURE!
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