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Thought on new labs?

Thyroid removed due to nodules causing me to go hyper with -fib. Surgery 3/13/19.

Was on 112 Synthroid, T4 went above normal range so dropped it to 100 about 10 days ago.

Labs done May 6th:

VIT D -28 ( REF RANGE (30-100)
TSH-0.76 (.40-4.40)
FREE T4- 1.7 (.08-1.8)
FREE T3- 2.6 (2.3-4.2)

Previous labs:

LABS 4/9/19 @ Quest prior to first visit to endo since surgery:

TSH- 0.27(.40-4.50) LOW

LABS 4/26/19- @  Hospital:

TSH-0.14 (0.36-3.74) LOW
T4 FREE-1.77 (0.76-1.46) HIGH
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Not sure where to respond, since you started a new thread instead of adding new info to prior thread.  Before responding further, I need to ask if you take your thyroid med in the morning before blood draw?  If so, what time did you take the med and how soon after was the blood draw for those tests?   Also very important to know all symptoms you are currently having with those results.  Please list those.  
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I did put it on the old thread also. Sorry for confusion. Yes, I took med before the blood draw I took it around 8 AM, got draw around 2:45 PM. When the T4 was out out of range before this draw, I had IBS. Bad stomach ache and diarrhea.  That is when he dropped  Synthroid down from 112 mcg to 100 mcg. After he got the results today he still wants me to stay on 100 then 1/2 of 100 each Sunday.  Main symptoms are still my stomach, it just hurts a lot, very little appetite, have lost about 9 pounds since the surgery on 3/13. Sometimes the smell of food is enough to turn my stomach and for some reason I want cold foods more than hot foods. Weird. Body aches and pains are horrendous. That is my main complaint. However, I was diagnosed  with Fibromyalgia 25 years ago but only had a couple major flare ups over  25 year period. My vision at times seems weak, I feel tired and weak but sleeping well at night. My sleep pattern has not changed at all and I never sleep in the day or feel sleepy, just tired. Sometimes I feel like I can't concentrate as well, brain fog.  I am usually very sharp with a great memory, I feel at times  I am struggling.
I saw my endo June 4th. We discussed my labs and he was happy with the numbers and said T3 was going up and he gave me a copy of the labs. Today I got an email from Advent Health saying I could view my records on HelloWell. I signed up and viewed them and realized that yesterday he did not have my most recent labs and was discussing, comparing May 6th compared to April’s. My T3 has not gone up as we discussed but has in fact dropped below normal which explains why I am feeling much worse again. If I continue on 100, with 1/2 on Sunday I find it highly unlikely my T3 is going to get back in normal range on anywhere near that and the way I feel with the T3 that low is not acceptable to me. As it has been dropping I am having less and less energy and feeling more and more tired and worn out. Also neuropathy is getting worse like it was before when the T3 was so low right after surgery and feeling colder and getting cold feet all the time again. I still have some of the 112 left that I can begin to take or perhaps take 112 some days a week them 100 others. I felt better on the 112 until the T4 popped into the high range and I began to get stomach problems (IBS) again.. Apparently 100 is not enough and 112 may be too high. My body has been telling me things were getting worse now that I know what hypo feels like since I went very hypo after the surgery for 2 weeks. This is why I like to get my labs myself before I see the doctor. If I had them I would have known right away he was not looking at the most recent because I keep a chart of them. Below are the labs I have had including the most recent done on May 31.

LABS 05/31/2019-TSH: 2.53[.40-4.59], T4 Free 1.2 [ .08-1.8] T3 Free 2.1 [2.3-4.2] LOW
WHILE On Synthroid BRAND 100mcg 1po daily for 6 days and 1/2 on sunday. LOST 1.5 lb.

LABS 05/06/2019- TSH: 0.76  T4 Free: 1.7 . T3 Free: 2.6.
CHANGED FROM 112mcg Synthroid BRAND to 100mcg 1po daily for 6 days and 1/2 on sunday. Lost 1,5 lb

LABS 04/9/2019: TSH: 0.27..T4 Free: 1.8..T3 Free: 2.4.
WHILE On Synthroid BRAND 112mcg 1po daily. Lost 1 lb


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I just answered on your other thread.
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