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Throat swelling/inflammation

Hi Guys

Have any of you experienced throat tenderness (right under chin)??? - It feels like I have shouted and screamed too much at a concert - There is no hoarseness or sore throat internally - Just feels quite tender under the chin, especially after talking too much.  It can also be described as the throat 'feeling' you get after you have cried or when you get a lump in your throat and just about to cry.

i hope this all makes sense.

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Have you been to the doctor? Have you had your thyroid checked?  Ultrasound?  Maybe a little more info would help.  Post back.
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Hi Ifupleze

Yep. Had thyroid/neck U/S last Friday - they found a solitary solid nodule with hypoechoic halo of heterogenous appearance. No vascular abnormality was found, thank goodness! Funny thing is, NOTHING was wrong with me about 2 weeks ago. The swollen gland and neck symptoms only started after a bout of the virus with coughing and sore throat. Now I'm looking at a biopsy next week!
Life is funny that way! I had Ovarian CA op 17 years ago and now I'm scared about this stuff! I would not have dreamed or even thought about my THYROIDS iin a million years!

Oh well, think positive i guess. I have a wonderful husband who thinks I'm being a hypochondriac and that it will all be fine!

My blood test came back today and I have normal TSH 2.29, anti thyroglobulin 35 (normal range is less than 60) and my Anti thyroid peroxidase is....wait for it.....203! Very high!

What do you think this all means? I'm very new to all this!


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I've been getting something like that for about 2 months now.  I get anxiety and I feel the lump in your throat feeling too, like when your going to cry.  Its kind of annoying, having a constant feeling of maybe choking.  I told my doc and he wanted to know if it was stress or if it coincided with hives or anything like that (I get hives and such because whatever is up with my thyroid).  

But I had it really bad one day and it even felt like I had a weird feeling into my tongue,almost like a charlie horse without the pain, way in the back part.  Made me feel like I might slur my words a little,and I went home and took some prescription allergy meds and after about an hour it started to ease off.   Its not all the time, it kind of comes and goes, but definately several times a week.
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hi - I'm feeling sooo much better today. I think the best thing is not to think or stress about it and it goes away. Funny isn't it!
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