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Through Diet and Exercise

Is there EVER a chance that I could get off of this medication through diet and exercise?

125 mcg of Levoxy since 1996.   Reason of medication; Benign tumor removed on right side of thyroid leaving me with 1/2 functioning.  

Thanks for your response.

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Didn't mean to double post.
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I truely assume that you will be medicated for life since the surgery.

I don't think the tyroid left you keep you in balance with everychange our system goes through .

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Well my friend mother was able to get off from medication after 10 years. She started to use Reshi Mushroom . She used those two products (Reishi Gano,Ganocelium). Check this link for more details.They call product gannodarma , you can google it for more details.


She started taking above dietery supplement 1 from each bottle x2/day and after week increase to 3/day . Her TSH level was 1.25 after 6 week test it change to 0.90 so doctor reduce her dose from 112mcg to 100mcg , next result after 8 weeks shows TSH 0.5 , doctor further reduced to 75mcg and he was surprised as well. Next test shows 0.001(TSH) . So this time doctor said you don't need any medicine based on your TSH level if you like i can stop medicine for 6 weeks and see how you react.
She said , she even felt good w/o medicine just gannodarma and after 6 weeks test , her tsh level was 0.65 and she is feeling better.
Current level is 1.07 and she is not taking any medicine for last 5 months and according to  her she is in her best after long time .
I asked doctor that i want to do it as well but doctors don't believe in these things .
I am thinking about trying it but once my level adjusted.
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Are you still having to take the two supplements for the rest of your life?

I guess it's a trade off if you don't wish to take man-made medicines.

Seems though either way you must take something for the rest of your life.

Just curious.
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I just found a site which states that Ganotherapy works best if you're in your mid-thirties. You must use it continuously from that time. Also you need to change your lifestyle and diet if you want to achieve full benefit from the Ganoderma.

The site also says to NOT stop taking the medicines prescribed by your doctor.
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