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Thryoid Ultrasound Results...Any Thoughts?

I got the results of my thyroid ultrasound over the phone last Friday, after being told earlier in the week that there was "something" that had showed up in the ultrasound, but it was not worrisome in the least and I would have to wait to meet with my doctor on the 7th to talk about it. Instead of waiting, they called me to give me my results over the phone a few days later.

There were "no discrete nodules", but there was an "irregular pattern in thyroid" that my doctor described as "slightly heterogeneous thyroid parenchyma". The nurse who was relaying the doctor's notes to me over the phone clarified this as likely meaning "heterogeneous patches of inflammation within the thyroid" comprised of a "very slight mixture of cells". The same day the ultrasound was done, my bloodwork came back as all 'normal', though my TSH dropped from 4.05 (4/28/08) to 5.45 (5/6/08) to 1.58 (6/19/08), which is low for me (I used to have a TSH of ~2.00 in the past). The doctor wants me to have a RAIU procedure done, but I'm not quite sure what she would be looking for in this case, and if this is the best way to proceed.

I'm actually pretty annoyed about all of this because no doctor I've seen has actually ordered a full thyroid panel be done with my bloodwork...instead, in the three times I've had blood taken for thyroid issues in the past two months, I've only had TSH done, TSH/free T4, and TSH/T4. How can anyone get a solid trend from that??? I thought I was having freeT4/freeT3/antibodies (TPO) checked last time, but apparently not. I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, and I can't get an appointment with an endo until mid-August, but until then, no one seems to know what to do with me. :(

Does anyone have any input on this? I'd like to hear if getting the RAIU procedure is a good path to take. Should I insist that additional bloodwork be done, first? I've had blood taken twice in the last week; four times in the past 5 or 6 weeks...so once more won't matter much.

I would really appreciate any thoughts you might have on this. I don't know what the US results mean, especially the comment regarding "mixture of different cells", since US doesn't have the resolution for viewing cells...? Why is only one side of my neck really swollen, but not the other (if there's no nodule there)? And lastly, I can feel two lumps right under my jaw at the top of my neck, somewhat near the back--I think these are lymph nodes, but if I can feel them easily, does that mean they are swollen? I don't have much pain in my neck, but occasionally, I'll wake up with a sore throat, or it will be slightly sore to the touch. Usually, it isn't.

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