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Hiya! Does anyone on here know much about thyroid cancer? I posted a q on the thyca forum but no response :) xxx
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Do you have a specific question or have symptoms?

have you had your thyroid removed?
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hiya! yes I had my thyroid removed in 2008, I used to be a very active member of this group then, and its all changed a bit now, lol, i'll copy the q I asked on the cancer board :)

Hi all,
was just wondering your thoughts on taking thyroglobulin levels for thyroid cancer whilst on meds.
I had TT in 2008, found pap thyroid cancer with lymph node involvement, neck and sternum and uptake in lungs, after two RAI's I was given the all clear (in 2010)last scan showed uptake in sternum (?thymus) area, but 6 months later my Tg on thyroxine was <0.1, so I was given the all clear, I have never had a scan since and only had Tg taken whilst on thyroxine.
My last result was TSH 0.07 and Tg. <0.1
Just wondering your opinion on the value of suppressed Tg, I'm wondering wether I should ask my onco for an unsupresed test

thankyou, are there many thyca people on here now? there was quite a few before xxxx
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