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Thyriod Surgery

I was wanting to know how they remove your thyrion and how long it takes to recover from surgery and if u have any scars
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They remove it through an incision in the front of your neck.  Most people have uncomplicated recoveries with non-noticeable scars.  I had a HORRIBLE recovery, whispery voice for about 6 weeks afterwards and my scar is about 2-3 inches long about 1/2 inch wide and sticks up about 1/2 inch.  It's still very painful too and I'm 1.5 years post surgery.  I know many many people that say it's a walk in the park.  
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okay so I had a total tyroidectomy 4 days ago. It started many years ago when an ER doc noticed a lump in the front of my neck after a car wreck when I was 18 years old. I had it checked with bloodwork and was told not to worry. Then about ten years later my primary care physician noticed it again. Had bloodwork and thyroid scan and he decided to watch it-I was told I had a nodule but it was not hurting anything. My primary car physican repeated the scan and bloodwork about every 2 years and slowly my thyroid became overactive and the nodule was slowly growing. About 2 years ago he decided that I needed to see an endocronologist because my thyroid levles were getting too high. I was having symtoms but did not realize it because it was so gradual (insomnia, aching joints, shaking hands).I was put on methazole then and was feeling pretty good untill about three months ago when very suddenly began to lose hair, lose weight, get rashes, and have horrible muscle pain which apparently was caused by the medicine. My endocronilogist decided it was time for surgery because I had become intolerant of the medicine.
So far so good I guess. The incision is beginning to itch like crazy and it feels like I have a golfball in my throat and it feels like I have a pulling sensation at the incision. I am wondering how long this will last. I am also wondering about weight gain without a thyroid.
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I had my TTon 2/14/07 for a multinodular goiter.  I am just getting to the "feeling pretty good" stage.  I was so sick for the last 18 months, that anything is better than how I was feeling.  I haven't put on any weight since the surgery...it was the 18 months before the surgery that I packed it on.  I too,  felt like I had swallowed a softball, then it went to baseball, golfball...Each day got a little better.  It took a few days...The hardest part was the stiff neck.  Dogbone pillows work great...I still have some pulling from 3 internal stitches that haven't completely dissolved yet.  My ENT said it could take several months for that to happen.  As far as loosing weight, my ENT said without a thyroid it isn't a problem.  You just have to be patient and wait for the medicine to get adjusted.  Good Luck.
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Can you tell me if you had FNA and if so what was your result..and how did you feel prior to your surgery.
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I had FNA that came out "suspicious" and during the surgery it was found to be malignant.  I wasn't nervous at all going into surgery, except for the fact that they were slicing on my neck, but in my heart, I knew and told all my family ahead of time that I KNEW it was cancer.
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Thank you Nicki, I feel this as well, but my ENDO doctor says do not worry your report says that it is most likely not cancerous but we need peace of mind, and the size and the problems are enough to have it removed. Just do not think there is a easy answer. Do you know if everyone has to have RAI when the thyroid is removed or just when it is cancerous. Have you lost or gain weight since your surgery.
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