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Thyroglobulin antibodies

I am confused about my results and the supposedly normal range..
It says on my Lab result that the normal range for Tg is (<55) would
this be correct?

The Thyroglobulin antibodies is 18 IU/ml (0-150) and does this mean
that if the my result was over 150 that it would not be normal?

What does these results mean and how does it affect
the Tg value? It says that the presence
of anti-thyroglobulin antibodies may cause falsely
low thyroglobulin results, including undetectable
thyroglobulin results. Am I right presuming that Tg
it is alot higher?
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If your Lab states so, yes! Tg of 0-55. Each Lab is different.

Yes! Thyroglobulin antibodies over 150 is abnormal meaning a thyroid issue of sorts.  Each Lab is different.

What are you looking for exactly(?)
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My Tg is <1, so I am wondering if my Thyroglobulin antibodies result of 18IU/ml  is affecting my result?

I have read somewhere that a Tg of 2 or more is a concern for thyroid cancer patients?

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For patients with thyroid cancer, the accurate measurement of serum thyroglobulin serves as an essential tool to monitor their disease. The absence of detectable thyroglobulin in a patient’s blood is a GOOD sign that the disease is in remission while an INCREAS in thyroglobulin or HIGH levels may indicate that the cancer is growing.

Patients without a known diagnosis of thyroid cancer do not generally benefit from having the levels of thyroglobulin measured. Some patients with antithyroglobulin antibodies may have inaccurate thyroglobulin levels measured in the lab if the antibodies interfere with the assay, but this is uncommon.

In patients with a known diagnosis of well differentiated thyroid cancer (most types of papillary and follicular disease), the serum thyroglobulin (Tg) is a useful ancillary marker of disease activity and provides information about the state and extent of residual functioning thyroid tissue in patients both on and off L-thyroxine suppression or after stimulation with recombinant TSH. Ideally, the thyroglobulin levels will be low or undetectable after treatment (usually surgery followed by radioactive iodine).  

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Thanks for the info but it doesn't really answer my questions..

My Tg is <1, so I am wondering if my Thyroglobulin antibodies result of 18IU/ml  is affecting my result?

It also shows that the normal range for Tg is (<55) is way off track don't you think?
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No, Tg of 55 is not off track. You are hunting for something that is not there.

My Tg is <1, -
Ideally, the thyroglobulin levels will be low or undetectable after treatment (usually surgery followed by radioactive iodine).  

Thyroglobulin antibodies result of 18IU/ml  is affecting my result? -
........this is uncommon.

If you want more specific you'll have to ask your doctor and/or Lab.  ONLY YOUR DOCTOR AND/OR YOUR LAB CAN ANSWER YOUR QUESTION. I gave you all I have.

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Please help with lab results!  Post thyroidectomy, post RAI by 6 months, do have antibodies.
Blood sent to new lab which said could deal with antibodies.  Lab said measure is accurate.
Thyroglobulin is 17; antibodies 150.  percent recovery is 100%.

Question:  With new blood tests, is it possible to have accurate measurement? If so, I guess I must still have cancer.  Any thoughts?
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Just got back from the doctor mine has risen to 6 after total thyroid removal. Is this ok they said they will check in 6months time is that alright. Half was removed in 2001 than other half done in 2010 which found very small papillary cancer.
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What test result has risen to 6?  If you look at the list of 26 typical hypo symptoms in this link, how many do you have?  Please post your thyroid test results, and their reference ranges shown on the lab report.

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