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Satuday woke up with left arm and fingers numb, went away. about 8pm came back followed by panic attack ( couldnt breathe, super hot, just overall not feeling right)My eyes got so senstitive to light i spent the last three days walking around with my eyes closed and weearing sunshade inside, sever eye pain, speech slurring, Got to the Emergency room, an they Took thyroid labwork:

Tsh levels 0.90 -
Free T4- 1.14-

Er Dr. says all thyroid levels normal, but now with further instuctions to get tested for MS.. no longer thinks it is Lupus even tho I have already had one positve Lupus test.. Dr appt. tomorrow for tested, and refferal to neoroligyst.  What else could be a possibility that I can ask for testing for?  I havent been able to work for 4 yrs now, and looks like no work in the future, Im so broke, have 3 boys, where can I get help? might i qualify for some sort of disability help??//
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You need better testing....
test for TgAb, TPO... they are antibodies tests for Hastimoto Disease....it could be just that!

Also FreeT3and FreeT4 and TSH that will tell you how hypo or hyper you may be. These test will let you know if you need thyroid medication.
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thank you, i am writing down everything for my doctor to consider, I just think they leave me in the dark.. have appt tomorrow, and she is sending me to a nerolagist for further testing.. hope to know something soon. thank you for your commnts :)
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Agree that you need to get the TSH, FT3 and FT4, along with TPOab and TGab.

Do be aware that TPOab can be present in other autoimmune conditions, besides Hashi's - including lupus.  Why does the Dr no longer think you have lupus, since you've tested positive for it, already?

Good that your doctor is sending you to a neurologist; hopefully, they will be able to get to the bottom of it.
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