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Thyroid Antibodies

My TPO is 123 (normal is 0-34), my antithyroglobulin Ab is 753 (normal is 0-40), but my TSH is normal. I also have nodules. My doctor does not believe that my weight gain and depression have anything to do with my results. Any insight regarding results like this. I've read that some doctors believe treatment is needed even with a normal TSH and some don't.
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thyroid status can be a separate and independent issue from nodules. have you had the nodules tested to verify what type of nodule and to rule out cancer. thyroid up-take and scan,  and FNA

depending on what type of nodule, some doctors will do thyroid TSH suppression with thyroid meds. however this has shown not to be effective, especially if thyroid is too damaged from the nodule.

depending on what type of nodule, some doctors will take the wait and see approach, if nodules grow and how fast.

October is breast cancer awareness month
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I had an ultrasound but don't have the report. I was told there were two small nodules on one side, and one large on the other side (bout the size of a cherry). I'm scheduled for FNB. Also had a CT scan. Report referred to nodules as hyperdense and also saw nonspecific scattered lymph nodes at the cervical neck.
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