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Thyroid AutoImmune Mess

I had a baby in Dec.  of 2005. Since then, my TSH levels have elevated 3 times. My endo. has placed me on steroids each time. This last time has been the worst of all of my episodes. He told me that my thyroid is not functioning at all on its own. He put me on 300mcg of synthroid. I am in pain all the time in my chest and in my face and head. He did some bloodwork and he said that my thyroid is not inflammed, but he did another test that did show inflammation. I am tired all the time and I feel like I can not pull out of it. He has now backed me off of the steroids and I feel worse and worse the further I get off of the steroids. I sweat all the time, but I have gained weight. I have a lot of pain and weakness in my joints. I am just a mess. I wanted to see if anyone had any advice for me as to what might be wrong. I know that there are autoimmune disorders which I have already been diagnosed with Hasimoto's. I just wanted to see of in a professional opinion if my doctor is doing all that he can to help me or if I should get another opinion. He wants me to go back this Friday and get blood drawn again to check my TSH and CBC levels. I guess that I am just really confused on what is going on. I am taking darvocet and iubprofin like candy and I just feel horrible. I feel like there is something else that should be done or that I should be doing. I would just like opinions. I don't know if I should just let it ride out and see what happens or what. Please let me know what you think!
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What steroids did he put you on?  Has he done a thyroid u/s?  A second opinion certainly couldn't hurt.  

All my thyroid problems started during my pregnancy with my oldest son (now 2.5 years old) and it hasn't been right ever since.  I also have hashimoto's and thyroid cancer.  

After my youngest son was born (10/06) I sunk into a hole both physically and emotionally that I wasn't sure I could get out of.  I called my doctor who prescribed Lexapro.  I feel like a whole new person.  I also switched endos and he stays up on my thyroid levels more efficiently.  

Good luck!
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He put me on prednisone. I was on 60mg a day and have tapered down to where I will be finished with them on Thursday.
What is u/s?
I am already on Lexapro and they do not want to up my dose yet becuase they want to see what else is going on. I am in so much pain along with the depression and anexiety. They gave me a "fast acting" pill to help with anxiety too. They say that they don't want to change anything else until they get what is wrong figured out. It is just a mess.
Thank you for your post! I appreciate it!
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You should get an ultrasound (u/s) of your thyroid and neck.  Well, that's good that they're not just passing it off as depression and anxiety.    Just out of curiousity, what is the anxiety medication you are on?
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How long have you been with this doctor? I would get a second opinion.
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I have been faithful in this doctor because he dealt very well with my step father who had tyroid probelms and diabetes issues. He aslo let me through my pregnancy and having gestational diabetes. It just seems like when he comes to my thryoid, he is not helping me as well as I am used to...I am thinking a second opinion is needed right now too!
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