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Thyroid & Blood Sugar Levels Beta Blockers?

Should we only base our blood sugar levels on fasting levels? Mine has gone pretty high today after eating? Can this be from the thyroid being out of whack? I read Beta Blockers can cause higher blood sugar levels? Anyone else had issues with this?
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I have been on beta blockers for over 3 years now and during that time i gained about 30 pounds.  last summer i wanted to get off of them so i started to and i had a huge problem with anxiety and withdrawl and my blood pressure and tinnitus were spiking high!

Well i am finally off them and two months ago my tsh was 3.01 and i was feeling better finally!  two days ago i had it retested and i am now at 6.45 with symptoms of anxiety again and some weight gain (i had lost 8 pounds) once i got off the beta blockers.  i am assuming the return of the weight is the increased tsh level.  

So what i am wondering is it possible with the beta blockers finaly out of my system that my thyroid level went up?  increased new dose to 125 and hope it helps all this mess.  am also low on vitamin d so starting 200 iu's of that but slowly with 1000 to start out with..i need sme anxiety relief!
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My endo doc ran a 6 hour glucose tolerance test on me when I first found out about having a goiter.  I think it can have something to do with the levels...the thyroid controls so much in your body anyway...I had a TT on 2/14 and have leveled off now, so I'm waititng to see if my hypoglycemia will go away...
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