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Thyroid Connection to heart Disease or not?

Hi, I am new to this forum, but I am new to these forums in general, but I started posting in the Heart Diseae forums first, in Mid April of this year. I just turned 55, ( May 28th,) and was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2000 after probably having it for quite some time. 2000 was a bad year as I was laid off my teaching job because of my  on the job back injury and I haven't worked since. It allso seems that since my diagnosis of Hypo-Thyroid disease, I have just been suffering from one thing after another. Up unitll 1999, my health had allways been pretty good and I recovered quickly from things. The one thing I had was female problems and the fact I had two misscarraiges is probably related to the possiblity I had been suffereing from Thyroid problems for quite some time before being diagnosed.

        To get back to the subject at hand, I have heard for quite some time that there are connections between heart problems and people that have thyroid problems. I suffered the symptoms of a MI on April 2nd of this year, and due to the fact I was in denial and neither my husband called 911 or myself, I have been having a hard time getting a definite diagnosis, that I did in fact have a MI. I have had several tests, and am waiting for the results of an echocardiogram that I will find the results of on the 17th.

            I know that people that have Hypothryoidism tend to have problems with high cholesteral, and sometimes blood pressure as well. My husband says that there is a heart problem conncection too, and the little that I have read seems to be related to people that allready have preexisting heart disease and then getting thyroid problems and they have more problems. My questions is that if you are Hypo are you at a increased risk for developing heart disease problems, and if so what type and what other information can you give?

I do take blood pressure meds and also cholesteral meds, but the choesteral meds don't seem to be working. One of the other problems I have is that because I am vegetarian, I seem to be having a harder time and I dont know if there is a connection or not between my diet and my lack of success at cholesteral lowering or if it is just a general problem that we thyroid patients have.? I have so many questons and am so glad that I have found this forum as well. It seems that there are SO MANY CONNECTIONS BETWEEN DIFFERENT DISEASES OR CONDITIONS SINCE BECOMMING HYPOTHYROID!!!!!!!!                Thank you so much.                      Flluffypurrcat
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Hi.  WOW..You sound so much like me.  I have been having heart issues for about the last ~5 years.  I had an issue a few years back where my heart and breathing stopped.  Turned bluish gray with eyes rolled back.  Was brought back and never got checked by a doctor for 2 years after.  Found out later that, that was actually a heart attack.  My normal BP was 165/114.  I finally went to the Dr. for BP meds.  For the last couple of years I have had major issues with chest and back pains and the occasional all over shooting pains.  She would always check out my heart wether it was back pains or not.  At this point I was taking BP meds, Chol. meds, Diuretics, aspirin, etc.

I would not admit I had heart issues to myself even though everyone else said I did.  Finally in Feb. I believed.  This time I was concerned.  I thought I was going to die.  I went to the doctor ( LOL, the next day) and this time instead of me discerning her; she disregarded me and what I had to say.  And I was told that whatever the problem was that I just had to bloom.  Payback I guess.  LOL  I was upset and went in for my medical records.  I went though **** for 2 months of heart palps, angina, my heart rate one minute would be super high and then sink very low.  My EKG's were showing a 2nd degree mobitz ll block.  I still believed even if I had heart issues, it was not being caused by the heart; but, was something else.  

To try to keep this somewhat short,  I started questioning my blood work.  It took me a couple months to get over the "bloom thing".  On top of the pains and HR fluctuations I was also having issues with bld. in my urine for a couple of months; but, no UTI.  ???  I found out I was low in sugar, iron, calcium and thyroid.  I turned into a zombie and big time after starting the thyroid meds, I fought to keep my eyes open for 3 hours at a time.  Now that I'm getting used to them.  I am not having the chest pains hardly at all.  Maybe 1 or two a day but not as gripping by far.  I think it was probably most of my problems concerning my heart issues.  She put in my notes that my thyroid was "part" of the problem" but, I'm wondering if it was the majority of the problem now.  I was told about a book called "Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness" that is supposed to explain alot of the relationships with illnesses.  I have not recieved it yet.  Bought it off of Ebay.   I do know that the pains are easing up, and my bp is getting more regular again, now that I'm on thyroid meds.  Sorry this is a book.  I don't know if my story helps you or not; but, I hope it did.

Take Care;  Amy
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Hi.  It is I again.  I found another post that I had asked some similar questions on and have pasted some of the comments here for you.  I don't know if they help or not, but they are:  

Low ferritin can cause problems with your heart rate too along with your thyroid. In order to feel your best when you have hypothyroidism your ferritin should be within normal range.

My guess is that your BP and cholesterol would be under control WITHOUT meds if your ferritin wasn't so low. Low iron levels in the blood make it so the body can't utilize the thyroid medication properly. The reason is that having enough iron means your blood cells can carry the oxygen they need. If they don't have enough iron, the result is you'll feel tired too because you won't have enough oxygen. Your symptoms would be shortness of breath and fatigue and sometimes chest pain.

For more information on why I'm saying this about your BP and cholesterol find the book, Hypothyroidism, The Unsuspected Illness. It's a very interesting read about hypothyroidism.

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Hi, thanks for the post and the info . It sounds then from what I have read, if correctly, that it is just recently that you have been diagnosed with thyroid disease. It sounds like you have been proactive in your health, so you have been getting your medical records.
I can not believe the cold heartness or I guess  I should say Callanouss of SOME DOCTORS.  There are some Very good Drs. then some that need to take some time off or something, because you can tell they are very tired, close to burnout, or have some other type of problem that is affecting their ability to relate to their pts. and diagnose conditions.

If you have your medical records, did you find out your TSH level? How much meds are you on, and are they helping?AS for the Ferriton level, I will have to check that out, I am never high on protein, or on Iron, as a Vegetarian, I am often on the very low side of normal, but feel ok most of the time. I tend to go from being extremly tired, to feeling pretty good, but I havent' felt " normal" as I did before beng diagnosed with thyroid disease.
  Part of my problem is that I am on Methadone for back pain, and it is a very powerful opiate, and It can drag you down but if the choice is constant pain that limits everything I do, or being sometimes dragged out, then I guess I will be on the dragged out side. My husband is my Vitamin Mineral Suppliment DR. though, and he helps with the fatigue I usually have.

To get back to the heart issue, I can't believe you had a heart attack, and that you don't have a dr. a cardiologist to be specific who doesnt have you under his care! Since your attack, have you had any tests to see what kind of damage you may have had?The EKG is basic, but there are other tests that will determine what other meds or treatments you may need, or more importantly, if you are still at risk for another one. I have had a Persantine Stress test with Gate Imaging, ( they use a Gamma Camera to take 3-D photos of your heart at rest and under stress) a Cardiac Catherization in the hospital last week, and also a Echocardiogram that I am waiting for the results of. My biggest problem has been that I was in denial.( another symptom of a MI ) and didn't go to the E.R. and I should have or I would not be going through all this.

          What I guess I am still asking is this: Now that I am on 'Thyroid meds and have been continuously since 2000, am I still at risk for cardiac issues, ?In your case, you were Thyroid deprived but did not know it, and that seems to be one of the contributing factors for your heart issues. But now that you are ON THYROID MEDS, WHAT IS YOUR RISK? See what I mean??

Thanks for the suggestion of the Thyroid book, I think I have seen that one at the bookstore, and I will check it out.I have about four Thyroid books, and one good one is " What your Dr. won't tell you about thyroid Disease, or What your Dr. doesn't want you to know about Thyroid Disease.Another good basic one is Thryoid For Dummies.It seems that every month there are more and more Thyroid books on the book shelves, people are starting to realize how prevalant this disease is and how it affects so many lives, mostly women. A lot of people that are deficeint in Thyroid Hormone are allso Adrenal fatigued. Have you had yours checked out?

       Well, I will have to look on my records and see if I can find the Ferritin on my blood work. I live in a small town, ( about 24,000 people, ) so the resources are not like in a larger city, also there are no Thyroid specialist in this area, which limits my choices of who I can go to. DR.s are not that knowledgable when it comes to Thyroid issues and some still get upset when the pt. asks or acts like they know about their own body better than the dr.
        Ebay is a great place to find books about your health, vitamins etc. I sell on ebay to suppliment my income but I also find some great stuff that I couldn't afford or find anywhere else, living where I do. Take care and I will be watching for more posts from you. I am sure there are others out there who have the same concerns I do about the heart issue with thyroid disease.                            Fluffypurrcat
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Do you Google?

Google hypothyroid heart disease.
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Did you see this link: http://thyroid.about.com/cs/latestresearch/a/celiac.htm
There is very good information there.
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I totally believe that thyroid issues have a great deal of an effect on your heart. My Dr told me today. Especially if our levels are all over place for a long period of time.
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