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Thyroid Information Your Doctor May Not Know

gimel, one of our very knowledgeable, trusted members has joined with 2 others to write a paper about the thyroid process, testing and treatment.  

Although many doctors only go by TSH or insist that they adhere to ATA protocols, this paper explains why TSH (and ATA protocol) is inadequate and why many of us end up being dissatisfied with our treatment.

You can find the article at the following link:
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Awesome! It is ridiculous that they go by tsh when the patient is on a t4 med. This site has been a life saving resource for me thank you .
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Unable to get to information?
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Highlight the link, then copy it and paste it into your browser.  
Or highlight the link, the right click and from the list that pops up, click "Open in New Tab"
Hi Barb, did that but it shows me a lot of things with same name.  Is it a site or just a paper ?

It's a paper and this link should take you directly to it, if you highlight the entire address, right click, then click "Open in New Tab".
Thanks Barb …. Great article.

I lost my thyroid to cancer almost 5 years ago and still can’t get adequately tested even though my health issues keep piling on … recently diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy (burning skin)so much fun but the neurologist can find no reason for it … Im now forced to purchase my own FT3 test just to see whats going on with me.
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