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Thyroid Levels - thoughts on recent tests (TSH, FT4, FT3, Reverse T3)

Had recent blood work done - here are the results and the previous results (which I missed 4 days of T4)

Tests done a 7 a.m.; Tirosint taken after blood draw

Take Tirosint 100mcg/daily; first thing in the morning - wait 1 hr before eating
VitD3 - 50,000ug/weekly - take bedtime on Sunday

Vit D3 level was 60 (30-100)
TSH (range .45 - 4.5)
T4 free (range .82 - 1.77)
T3 free (range 2.0 - 4.4)
Reverse T3 (range 9.2 - 24.1)

12/21/15           11/29/15
TSH -             4.86        27.54
T4free            1.16          0.81
T3 free            2.1          11.3
Reverse T3    18.2          Not tested

I am feeling well but Dr would like to see the TSH lower; we agree to disagree of the importance of the TSH reading.
My concern is the ratio of the free hormone levels (FT4 & FT3 and the Reverse T3 level)

Thoughts appreciated.
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Your FT4 is at 36% of range, which is a little low of the 50% guideline.  FT3 has come up, but it's not too far off the floor of the range.  The guideline for FT3 is upper half of range.  You may see FT3 continue to rise for a while with stable FT4 levels.  TSH is still a little on the high side.  All those point to your still being slightly hypo, which is the reason for the increase from 100 to 112 mcg.  Your FT3:RT3 ratio is also a little low (11.5).  This may also correct itself.    

However, that being said, the goal is not to get labs "perfect" according to a population range, but for you to feel well.  Some of us feel well with lower levels, and that's okay.  If you have no hypo symptoms left, why change anything?

Do you have Hashi's?

Are you saying you only sleep 6 hours a night now and had been sleeping 4 hours for the previous 18 months?  That's not a lot of sleep.    
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Thank you for spotting the discrepancy due to posting too late in the evening  Yes, the lab ranges are the same, done by the some lab.  Here is the amended levels.  My endo actual feels I am slightly hyper thus the increase from 100mcg to 112 mcg at my visit 2/28/15.  Other than 6 hrs of sleep vs 4 hours for 18 months I am not experiencing any hypo symptoms.

12/21/15                       10/29/15
TSH 4.86                TSH - 27.54
T4 free 1.16            T4 free 0.81
T3 free 2.1              T3 free 1.7
RT3 18.2                 RT3 - 11.3
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Before getting into the discussion, please verify that your FT3 went from 11.3 to 2.1 and that the reference ranges were the same in both.

No lingering hypo symptoms?
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