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Thyroid Lump

Sorry I posted a similiar question last week and thanks so much for all the replies. I was hoping it would just mean a thyroid disorder like Hahsi's as Stella thinks. But my TFT's have come back normal!!! And i've been booked in for an urgent scan on Tuesday and depending on the results if it's not a plain cyst, then for a biopsy. I'm terrified!!!! I know what they're ruling out. But I just want to ask, could it not be that my thyroid is only just starting to fail so it hasn't had time to show up in my bloods yet? the doc said no, but then past experience has taught me docs are often wrong!!!
My mum had Hasis and started off with a goitre and kept swinging from hyper to hypo before finally settling in hypo. and my 2 sisters are hypo without hashi's. So could i still have hashis developing even though my TFTs are still normal? Or is this looking really bad? A lump with normal TFTs!!!! Im so scared.
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Have you had antibody tests done?  If so, what were the results?

It is possible to have normal FT's with Hashi's.  Could be that the antibodies just haven't destroyed your thyroid yet, so it's still producing hormone.  

Try to relax about the scan and/or biopsy, if it's necessary.  The doctor has to cover all the bases.
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