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Thyroid Nodules

Once you have them - do they ever go away on their own?? What are the options to treat them??

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I have never heard of thyroid nodules going away on their own.  

Options are:  ignore them; have them biopsied and scanned; treat them with radiation if needed; or have the thyroid (half or whole) removed.  All of this depends on what the nodules consist of, whether there is problem with overproduction of hormones, whether there is a chance of malignancy, and if they are large enough to compress any other structures in your neck.

You need a good endocrinologist who specializes in thyroids to go over the options with you and to run some more tests so you both have a good idea what you are dealing with.
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hi michelle here again just letting u know that im going into hosp in about 2 to 4 weeks ive seen the surgeon she said thats its growing  and now its gone down my  neck    the right side if its only right side no meds do u know if any one has been on meds only if there right side has been gone and have a left side  if its mal they say to take the whole thyroid out ive filled out all my anaesthetic forms and wquestioner prob be in over night not sure if its mal is the chance high if its on my right side why do they grow into my chest and neck  from shellsa
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