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Just thought that members might like to know about this.   I found it quite interesting to know that this was going on in the UK, since we are aware that it has been even more difficult to get properly tested and treated in the UK, than here in the U.S.


After a grueling week by the United Kingdom’s General Medical Council (GMC) , it was decided that the UK’s most renowned thyroid practitioner, Dr. Gordon P. Skinner, should have all his restrictions lifted and his Fitness to Practice restored!

On November 11th, 2007, the GMC had decided that the beloved Dr Gordon Skinner was not fit to practice, simply because in 2005, he dared to listen to and dose by a patient’s clinically-presented thyroid symptoms rather than her TSH labwork–the latter which fell in the erroneous normal range.  Even more dastardly, felt the GMC, Skinner was going to treat the patient without a referral letter from her GP, and may have failed to contact the GP. Heaven Forbid!!

Says a recent statement from TPA-UK:

    The GMC have agreed that Dr Skinner was not acting dangerously in initiating treatment with thyroid hormone replacement for those patients who had normal thyroid function tests but who suffered several symptoms and signs of hypothyroidism. They also agreed that for those patients who did not do well on levothyroxine-only therapy, the use of natural desiccated thyroid extract (i.e. Armour Thyroid) was a safe and effective thyroid hormone replacement that doctors could prescribe, even though it remains unlicensed. This is a precedent - and one that the British Thyroid Association are most definitely very unlikely to be happy with.

While going through information related to the above, I also found something that I thought members might enjoy.

Thanks to Dr. Nancy Patterson of the
National Graves’ Disease Foundation:

Two women were walking down the
street and a talking frog said, “Kiss me
and I’ll turn into an endocrinologist.”
One of the women scooped up the frog
and put him in her shopping bag. The
other women said, “Aren’t you going
to kiss him?” Her friend replied, “
Hell, no. A talking frog will talk to me
more than my endocrinologist!”
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