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Thyroid Peroxidase Ab HIGH but T3 & T4 Normal High RBC COUNT! HELP Me PLEAE!

I've had a Thyroid problem since I was 18. I am now 35. It was always Graves. I didn't have insurance for years.
I have been very ill for the past 2 years. The doctor said she doesn't understand the red blood count and ordered
another test in two weeks. She said I might have Hashimoto? It feels like something is very wrong!!!!

My blood work came back as

T3 total    153.5      80.-200.0 ng/dL
T4, Free   1.41        0.70- 2.00 ng/dL
TSH          1.680     0.400-5.400 uIU/mL
Thyroid Peroxidase Ab 326      <35 IU/mL

RBC 5.25   H   3.63-5.04 xMil/uL
HGB 16.8  H    12.0-15.3 g/dL
HCT  49.9    H  34.7-45.1 %
Mean Plat. Volume  10.6  H   6.8-10.2 fL
Monocyte  2.7     L   4.3-13.3 %
monocyte Abs Ct  0.2   L    0.3-1.0 x1000/ uL
Albumin  5.4    H     3.4-5.2  g/dL

I also had a thyroid ultrasound today.
I feel so sick like I have the flu my arms ache and I get bad cramps in my legs.
Week and tired. shakes, I have lights in my peripheral vision. Insomnia. and more.
Please help if you can. I don't understand what is going on with my body!
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What tests were done that originally prompted the diagnosis of Graves Disease?  Many people just "assume" that hyper is Graves; it isn't always.

Your TPOab does indicate Hashimoto's.  I can't help wonder if you've had Hashimoto's all these years and never did have Graves.  While Hashimoto's is, typically, associated with being hypo, early stages can be characterized by periods of hyper and even normal.  

With Hashimoto's, it's not the least bit uncommon for symptoms to appear long before thyroid tests indicate an issue and many doctors don't run the antibody tests right away. Even though actual thyroid levels are "normal" you can still feel like death warmed over.

Red blood cell counts vary by lab, depending on the methodology used for testing, so what shows high at one lab will show normal at another.  Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body and there are a number of things that cause the count to be high.  Here's a reliable link where you can read some about it.


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I forgot to  mention that your doctor is testing total T3, which is considered obsolete. She should be testing Free T3, which indicates the amount of thyroid hormone actually available for use in the individual cells.  If you can get her to test that, you might the answer to your issues.
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First of all ...you sound like your thyroid is depleted!
Are you taking any?
I didn't read if you are.

If your not taking any ...you need to find another
Dr that will put you on it.
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