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Thyroid Pituitary Cushing's

Hello Dr. Lupo,

Thank you in advance for addressing my question:

I am a mother of 4 children, my youngest being 4.5 months old.  A month or so after delivering, I noticed my abdomen was getting bigger, much to my dismay, as though I was still pregnant!  And I felt bloated and uncomfortable.  Instead of losing weight, I began gaining back weight and was often tired (maybe from chasing around toddlers).  My doctor suspected low thyroid function, so I had blood work done, this being the third test in about a year or two.  The results are consistent: normal TSH, low T4.  And to add to the equation, it was suspected four years ago that I had a pituitary tumor; radiologists said yes, neurologist said no.  I feel that I am suffering from Cushing's because of the accompanying mood swings (emotional disturbances), bruising (poor wound healing), and strange fat deposits (pendulous abdomen and "buffalo hump").  Can you provide me with any insight?
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