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Thyroid Specialist in KC area

I'm looking for recommendations for specialists in the KC area who look at more than just the TSH test and actually treat symptoms.  I have a strong family history of thyroid problems, including my mother.  I have goiters that I have had biopsied twice, with normal results.  I fall in the normal range of the TSH and the three doctors that I have been to, including one endocrinologist, have made me feel like a total hypochondriac for suggesting that there might be other  tests that could determine other levels.  I am constantly exhausted, heart palpitations, high cholesterol (only became elevated in the last 5 years), weight gain despite exercise and eating well, feel like I'm in a fog, etc.  I was given a prescription for an antidepressant and told to try to lose some weight.  I would love to hear success stories with doctors in the area...it is becoming overwhelming!
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I just sent you a PM with some info.  To access, click on your name and then from your personal page, click on messages.
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