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Thyroid-TSH leve is 15 and TPO ab level is >1300.

Hello Everyone,
I'm 3o Yrs old and working in IT field. A month ago I had noticed a white patch appearing on my face and visited a dermatologist, who advised a couple of Urine and blood tests along with medication (Carofit daily one and Dicaris only weekends and 2 ointments). In blood test, it is found:
T3 = 123.31 ng/dl
T4 = 7.80 μg/dl
So, my dermatologist advised me vitamin D tab once in a week and one Zentel tab and visit Endocrinologist, who advised me to take a test again along with TPO Antibodies. so exactly one week later I did a test:
TSH = 15.319 μIU/mL
T3 =  113.15 ng/dl
T4 = 6.90 4.50 - 12.60 μg/dl
I'm yet to consult a doctor (appointment on Saturday) and the important thing is I'm planning to get marry soon, now I'm worried about this disease and thinking whether to get marriage or NOT.
Request you please advise me on treatment wise and on marriage.
Thank you.

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The T3 and T4 that were analyzed were Total T3 and Total T4, so they aren't as useful as Free T3 and Free T4...

I'll explain briefly, so you'll understand a bit better... The thyroid produces 2 main hormones.  Those are T4 and T3.  It produces mostly T4 and very little T3.  T4 isn't used directly by your cells; it must be converted to T3 prior to use.  Of the total T4 produced, most (90-95%) is bound by a protein and can't be converted, therefore, the preferred test is for unbound or Free T4, so we know how much is available to be converted into the usable T3.

T3 is the hormone that's actually used by every individual cell in your body.  Like T4, most of the T3 in your system is also bound by protein and can't be used.  Therefore, we test the unbound or Free T3 to determine how much is available for use by the individual cells in your body.  Free T3 correlates best with symptom relief.

As for Hashimoto's, that's an autoimmune condition in which your body has determined that your thyroid is foreign and has produced antibodies to destroy it.  It can take years for the destruction to completes so your thyroid will no longer produce hormones on its own and you will be completely dependent on replacement thyroid hormones.

Your thyroid is producing "some" hormones, at this point.  It's just that it's not producing enough so your pituitary gland is producing more TSH in an effort go stimulate your thyroid to produce more thyroid hormones, but your thyroid can't do it.  That's why TSH goes up, as thyroid hormones go down.

As long as you take the daily thyroid hormone pill that your doctor prescribes so your levels are optimal (Free T3 and Free T4) are where "you" need them to be, this will not prevent you from being married and having children.

It's good that your doctor prescribed the vitamin D as he did.

Your vitamin B12 is pretty low in the range, as well, even though your doctor probably thinks it's just fine.  Some countries say that anything below 500 is deficient and having B12 deficiency, myself, I find that I must keep my levels at the very top of the range in order to keep symptoms at bay.  Leaving your levels as low as they are could, eventually, cause peripheral neuropathy and other complications.  I know this from my own experience.  I strongly suggest that you supplement vitamin B12 with methylcobalamin... sublingual, liquid or chewable form.  

Since you're deficient in vitamin D and B12, I'd strongly suggest that you ask to have ferritin levels tested.  Ferritin is the iron storage hormone and iron, along with vitamin D is necessary for the metabolism of thyroid hormones.
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Please provide the reference ranges for the T3 and T4 tests.  Reference ranges vary from lab to lab and have to come from your own reports.  Also, please tell us if those are Free T3 and Free T4 or if they are Total T3 and Total T4.  They aren't the same tests and don't give us the same information.

What dosage of vitamin D did your doctor advise you to take?

Your antibody count confirms that you have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and your TSH indicates hypothyroidism... Your doctor will, most likely, start you on replacement thyroid hormones.  

There is no reason you can't get married and/or have children, a job and  a wonderful life.  Many of us, here on the forum, have both Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism and we still live normal lives...
Hi Barb135, Thank you for your response.
# Results in test - Total T3 & Total T4.
60 (Positive)  U/mL

T3 113.15 60.00 - 181.00 ng/dl
T4 6.90 4.50 - 12.60 μg/dl
TSH 3RD GENERATION 15.319  High 0.55 - 4.78 μIU/mL

Deficiency: < 20.0
Insufficiency: 20.0 -  100.0
VITAMIN B12 474.0    211.0 - 911.0 pg/mL

### My Doctor advised me " Vitamin D 360 60,000 IU" - once in a week for 2 months follows once in a month for 6 months.

** thank you for advises on marriage, I still thinks if any side effects due to medication as its long way to go.. and I heard the new word "Hashimoto" from your answer..so I believe have to analyse many things before getting married (I'm male 30 yrs old).
Thank you.
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Thanks, Barb135 for detailed explanation.
I did visit to "Endocrinologist", who advised medication for 2 months and comeback with TSH test results.

"Thyronorm-100mcg" daily one tab before breakfast..

I have started Medication from Jan27th..
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is the vitamin D that you are taking D2 or D3?

I have recently read research that daily dose of D3 is superior to weekly dose of D2.  D3 is ideally combined with K2 for better balance.  D3 is not prescription and is available from health food stores.

Good that you are starting on thyroid replacement, at least the Dr recognizes that you required treatment.
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Hi, its D3 60,000IU - taking monthly once now.. (Initially once in a week for 2 months)
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Hi Barb,

Its been 2 months I started taking "Thyronorm-100mcg". Today I've taken TSH test.
TSH level is 0.066 which is Low. I believe this is called Hyper.
I don't understand how come HYPO and HYPER in my case..
I've taken doctor appointment in the next week.
Request you please advise, I'm very worried about my TSH, its worse to me.

T3 124.16   60.00 - 181.00 ng/dl
T4 9.70    4.50 - 12.60 µg/dl
TSH 3RD GENERATION 0.066 Low 0.55 - 4.78 µIU/mL

Thank you
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Your current very low TSH might be the result of over medication and might require you to lower the dose of thyronorm after talking with your doctor.

Concerning your T3 and T4 values its all excellent. Your lucky to get your vitamin D level tested and supplemented it fast and may be that;s the reason why your thyroid function improved when compared with previous result.
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Here is some articles regarding Vitamin D's role in thyroid function.



Hi, Thanks for response.
My Doctor suggested, continue 100mcg, but 5 times a week, give 2 days rest. And come back after 2 months.
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It is quite common for hypo patients taking significant doses of thyroid med to find that their TSH becomes suppressed below range.   That does not mean you are hyperthyroid, unless you also have hyper symptoms due to excessive levels of Free T4 and Free T3, which is unlikely for you since your Total T4 and Total T3 are not even in the high end of their ranges.  So there was no reason to reduce your med dosage unless you were having hyper symptoms.  

Further, TSH does not correlate well with either Free T4 or Free T3, and even less with symptoms.  If you need to have scientific evidence for all this, I can give you links to the information.  

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Hi Gimel, thanks for your response.
Yes - please provide me with links.. I'll go through.

I've one more doubt..as I got Thyroid problem at this age (30y).. what would be the implications in future due to this..

Thank you.
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I just sent you a PM with info.  To access, just click on your name and then from your personal page click on messages.
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