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Thyroid Test Question

I have been experiencing symptoms that correlate with hypothyroidism for a few years:  weight gain, dry hair & skin, brittle nails, slow metabolism,depression, irritability, and others.  Suspicious that my hormones were going out of whack, I requested a hormone panel to include progesterone, estrogen, T3 and T4, chem11 and CBC.  On the chems & CBC, the only thing that was even slightly elevated was the monocytes @ 0.70 cells/mcL.  

Thyrotropin was 1.05 mcIU/ml  (ref. range 0.35 to 4.94)
Thyroxine Free was 0.95 ng/dL  (ref. range 0.70 to 1.48)

My doctor prescribed Eucerin cream for the dry, cracking skin and ordered a liver function test, possibly a consult to a nutritionist, and the phone number for a psychologist,  I am almost 42, and have a family history of thyroid problems.  I am frustrated to tears about the test results because there's still no resolution to my problems.

So, my question is: if the thyroid panel is normal, why am I having symptoms of hypothyroidism?  Should my "normal range" be considerably higher than it is?  Is there anything else I should be asking my doctor about?  
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You don't need an abnormal reading to be classified as having a problem. Those are only ranges not individual results.

It's good you had them look at these tests - but are they really reading them correctly? You could be in a slight sub clinical situation experiencing major symptoms and no one is putting the pieces together.

Didn't they give you a Thyroid Stim Hormone test ( TSH)??

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I was told that the Thyrotropin WAS the TSH test:  they failed to do a T3.  My doctor said that my T4 was "too high" to be considered 'subclinical' and that perhaps she would consider that as a possibility IF it was 0.75 or even 0.80.    
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I guess TSH can be called both things.... sorry.

High?? Where does it indicate the Free T4 on the reference range as high? You are on the lower end already - Her thought of treating based on that T4 is like stabbing in the dark. For Heaven's sake, being at the .75 or 80 is almost the bottom of the ranges.

Without some T3 testing - it too hard to guess.  Now how about this?? It doesn't sound like she thinks you are having thyroid issues based on your TSH - so how about something else?

Is she willing to look at a process of elimination like Vit testing? Or antibody testing for Hashimoto? That would be a Tgab and TPOab tests to eliminate that.

I see many here that lab test out normal or sub clinical - as you but antibodies are above the scale causing issues for the patient. You may want to look into those tests with your doctor.
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No, I apologize, I didn't mean to come off sounding like a smart alec.. I had thought she had said that I was looking at Free T4 and T3 when we over the results, but when I asked about the TSH I was told the thyrotropin was the TSH,  I was/am more irritated at the doctor..

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised at the response I got... after  asking to have a panel run for over a year they finally ordered one when all the other tests came back normal..  (#1 a family practice doc & not an endo, and #2 easier to treat some symptoms than search further for reasons for the symptoms.. )

I will ask about the Tgab, TPOab, Hashimoto's,  and Vit testing.  Thank you very much for your input!!

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