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My doctor has said I have Hashimoto's. My latest results say I am taking too much thyroxine but I don't feel overtreated and I have not taken any more than 175mcg on any day. My doctor did a shedload of other labs and I had a phone call from my surgery telling me my doctor wants to discuss them. I am now very worried as to which one/s is/are abnormal. I have made a list of tests that I remember were ordered and my thoughts on them but I don't see my doctor for another 3 weeks.

I have been on thyroxine for a year. I take 175mcg thyroxine at present, without fail at the same time every day, and I have been on this since June this year. I also take Vitamin D at 6000 international units and Vitamin B12 at 1000 mg, again at the same time every day for about a week. I've been told my ferritin is normal as is my folate.

Just to add, I did not take my thyroxine before the blood draw and I had the blood draw early in the morning. So is it possible that my results and symptoms indicate a flare and that my results reflect that?

Other tests my doctor has ordered:

FSH - checked lots of times before, always been normal
LH - checked lots of times before, always been normal
Glucose - checked lots of times before but even though I have a family history of diabetes the glucose has always been normal
Calcium - checked lots of times before, always been normal
Clotting factors
Amylase - related to the pancreas (?)
There were heaps of others that I can't remember I'm afraid...

March 2015
TSH: 8.01 (0.2-4.2)
Free T4: 14.6 (12-22)
Free T3: 4.1 (3.9-6.7)
TPOab: 171 (<34)
TGab: 284 (75)

August 2015
TSH: 0.02 (0.2-4.2)
Free T4: 24.3 (12-22)
Free T3: 6 (3.9-6.7)

I have had the 24 hour cortisol (saliva) test done a year ago but I understand some doctors don't accept these results and I will only post these if need be.

Symptom list:

Tired, falling asleep during the day
Periods were heavy but now black and scanty
Pain in hips, arms and knees
Dry skin on fingers - not itchy just annoying
Acne on face
Male pattern hair growth on my face, shaving more of it off every day
Dizziness on standing
Head hair loss
Itchy scalp
Hot flashes down my legs
Hard stools, hard to pass and coming out the size (from how it feels) of a 2p coin
Weight loss
Getting bloated easily
Memory loss
Feeling "on edge"
Dry eyes
Difficulty swallowing - ultrasound showed swollen thyroid but lobes both same size and shape
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Please post your saliva cortisol test results, and reference ranges, even though they were from a year ago.Also would be good to know your ferritin level.  Ever been tested for Reverse T3?
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