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Thyroid and MTHFR HELP!

I have all classic hypo symptoms. Extreme fatigue, dry skin/scalp/nails. Cold feet, heat intolerance, diarrhea with constipation, purple nail beds with purple feet, tingling in extremities. Dizziness upon standing, chronic daily headaches, increased appetite, water retention, swollen and puffy face and ankles.
I am compound heterozygous on the 677t and 1289c for MTHFR. Can someone PLEASE help interpret these labs? Dr doesn't seem worried about thyroid.

First off CBC/Chem labs:
Alk/phos is Low at 54 (Optimal is 65-80)
CO2 is low at 22 (Optimal 24-28)
MCH is 32.1 (Optimal 28-32)
Lymphocytes are low at 19.7 (Optimal is 30-45)
Neutrophils are High at 7.2 (Optimal is 5-6)
Potassium is low at 3.4 (Optimal is 4.1-4.6)
RDW is 13.4 (Optimal is less than 13)
MCV is 94 (Optimal is 82-92)
Sodium is 142

Thyroid Levels
TSH 1.08
Total T4 7.3
T3Uptake 32
Free T3 3.1 (Optimal is above 3.2)
Free T4 1.46
Reverse T3 is 28.9 (Optimal is below 15)
TPO Antibodies 14 (Optimal below 15)
TGO Antibodies tested at .1 (Normaly we do not produce this antibody unless its needed.)
Both Antibody tests tested Negative accordingly to the lab, but there mere presence suggests something right?
Any help?
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I don't feel qualified to comment on your first batch of test results.  I would like to comment on your symptoms and your other test results, but need to know the reference ranges shown on the lab report for the tests in the other group.    
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