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Thyroid crazy changes and ...

OK, have been on Leve 100 for more than year, at times between 88-100 mcgs Thyroid removed 4 years previous,
this will be more organized.  this all with NO change in dose.

Feb 2nd TSH 16.9
T3 2.4  range 2.3-2.4
no T4 done

Feb 19th TSH  8.93
T4 both not done

Feb 28th ER dehydration, vomiting
TSH 7.31       range used .358 - 3.74
T3 not done
T4  1.37      range .76 - 1.46

March 4th
TSH 13.87
T3 not done
T4 1.4    range .358 - 3.74

March 19th PCP decides to increase levo from 100 to 125, I do increase
ask about T3, ask her about T3 meds, still don't get answers , get refferrral to endo in Boston. Insist another blood test for T3 and T4

April 4th  2 weeks and 2 days since increase
TSH 3.55  range .004 - 4.5
T3 2.6
T4 not done, because lab kicks out with "normal" TSH

So, I felt that increase and have been swinging the hyperthyroid symptoms, feel like going to lose my mind angry, irriatable, much engery.
I know 6 weeks is testing time but tried to get those T3 & T4 #'s

The MD medical director could not even help or understand. I fired my PCP and do not have new DR untill 2 more weeks, Endo not until June 9th

Could I be in danger with that med increase and will I maybe get more hyper?
I realize not many T3 numbers or T4 for that matter, shows the crappy PCP decisons.

I already do not feel well on this large dose of Levo, fear actual Mania

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Will check back later .. be well.  C~
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always took med day of test but was more than four hours after.

I will keep all posted, off th ER fun, fun
I will post when can.
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Did you take your med the day of the blood work on each test date? -- not skip any doses?    Just a thought.  

Did your doctor use the same lab each time?  They redid mine twice, not believing I became so hyper after an infection I had last year.

I understand how scary the hyper symptoms can be when your doc changes around doses ... I had a hyperthyroid "attack" out of the blue after a serious kidney infection last year .. I went from TSH 2.9 to 0.2 in a matter of a week with symptoms off the wall ... I was very frightened to take 100mcgs v 112mcgs (they switched it down ) but for me, it all worked out and my hyper symptoms began to go away within a week and gone within 2.  Scary stuff to deal with.

Please keep us posted!

100mcgs Synthroid
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I am doing my best to not lose my ind, too much. I am super hyperthroid  and got plan on track. Felt good this am when I decided to skip that 125, because my 112 mcg will be coming on Monday.
Decided stay off, facebook, cook barley and lentils and watch movie. I will feel better.
Have great week ends all
Wellness and Peace
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Thanks a bunch, this was much like my self diagnosis, I need some T3 meds.
I fought, and the 4;45 phone call from the MD Medical Director, since I fired my Doc after 2 1/2 months of mistreatment.
I did get dose down to 112 mcg Levo and glad doctor agreed to going on my 100mcg until new script.
I will be getting biweekly blood test with right orders, hard copies of results and will try to dictate my dose. I like team work with dr but they must understand the situation.
I felt I could go into a medication induced Manic state which scared me , been there before, and is risky and harmful to wellness.

I walked in woods , just a bit, because I needed to ground that swirling 5,000 miles an hour energy. I should not walk much, like 10 minutes, also have Small Nerve Fiber Neuropathy living with me, yet walk took priority.

Great walk with Osprey, Red Tail Hawks, Cardinal, Bluejays, Doves, Sparrows and my feet on the ground.
Wellness and Peace to all.
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I should also have said that it's really important to get accurate readings at this point for FT3, FT4 and TSH all on the same blood draw.  It's important to see where FT3 and FT4 are relative to each other, and the only way to do that accurately is if they're all done at the same time.
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No, FT3 does not read "backwards" like TSH does.  You want to be in the upper half of the range for FT3.  That means that you want to be over 50% of range, and yours on 4/4 was only 16%.  So, you are very low there.  Unfortunately, as you said, there was no FT4 because your TSH was "normal".  Your doctor should be ordering TSH and FT4 separately.  What he's ordering now is "TSH with reflex to FT4" which is why they're not testing FT4.

The guideline for FT4 is 50% of range.  If we look at your 3/19 labs, we see that your FT4 was at 60% of range.  So, it was already a little bit n the high side, and that was before your increase.

I'm not a doctor of course, just a fellow patient, but I think you're having mixed (both hypo and hyper) symptoms because your FT4 is too high, and your FT3 is too low.  If I were you, until you next see the doctor, I'd cut back to my previous dose of T4 (before the increase on 3/19).  

When you see the doctor, ask him about adding some T3 (Cytomel) to your meds.  When FT3 is low and FT4 is high, it indicates that you do not convert T4 to T3 well.  When that happens, adding in a little T3 to your meds can really help with the hypo symptoms.

I've been overmedicated and I know it's very uncomfortable.  You can try to get in to see the new doctor sooner (perhaps you could add your name to a cancellation list?).  If that's not possible, I'd cut back until you see him.  

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Hi you helped me my first time I posted. I finally managed to post what there was. Fired dr, don't think treatment is right and getting a manic result after two weeks, started day 3, of increase from 100 - 125.I still have hypo horrid symptoms yet posted labs best could. Endo in June in Boston!
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thank you I am having strange symptoms and appreciate your support of my efforts.     Please keep in mind I can barley think right now.
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Am I going in the right irection?
I feel way worse with speedy not fun on top of all the hypo impacts, so horrid.
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I am sorry, and thanks Goolarra,  such a mess as I have been crazy for about 5 months finally got hard copies in mail, yet my cognitive is wacked. so sorry, these are hard to see on paper. Will try best. On 100 Levo for more year not happy with this TSH but dr would not change.
8/28/13   4,60 TSH no FT4 FT3

Then recent sick five plus months I asked blood test got
2/10/14 16.69  TSH  1.3 FT4 No range  says TSH is 3rd gen w/relex to FT4
2/19/14  8.93  TSH   1.4 FT4

ER visit from dehydration vomiting got
2/28/14   7.31  TSH FT4 1.37  (range  0.76 - 1.46 )

3/19/14  13.87 TSH  1.4 FT4  range ( 0,8 - 1.8 ) FT3 2.4   range (2.3 - 4.2 )
3/20/14 increase to 125 levo
4/4/14   3.55  TSH no range  FT3 2.6 ( range 2.3 - 4.2) since "normal" TSH lab kicked out a FT4 as not needed.

ok so since the increase still have hypo symptoms PLUS a speedy crazy feeling and it is only 2 weeks since that two dose increase from 100 to 125 mcg
I do not understand the FT3 numbers and how to evaluate them, plus do not have many! The TSH is higher is not getting enough, is FT3 reading different?
I am scared because this is crazy and I take my med religiously, my after died early of a diagnoses hyper thyroid, two days after they finally listen to me screaming, he died, so I TAKE my levo am fist thing large water and back to bed, not always sleep yet at least an hour before anything.

So, am I safe to go until June 9th to Boston Endo DR or should I insist on ...? I do want to go to 112, because if I am this speedy I am scared I could go full-blown Manic!
Please help although I do not have all number needed. I fired this doc and even medical director has no clue about importance of FT3.
IF ANYONE can see any thing in this mess please share.

Wellness and Peace to all

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Your labs are a little hard to interpret.  Please check your reference ranges.  Range of FT3 from 2/2 is perhaps 2.3-4.4???  FT4 on 3/4 looks like a TSH range???  Do you have an FT3 range for 4/4?

Your dose was raised on 3/19.  It takes levo 4-6 weeks to reach its full potential in your blood.  So, your levels would still be rising now.

If you can clear up those ranges, I can comment further.
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