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Thyroid disease and bowel problems

am a 39 yr old woman who had a sub total thyroidectomy 1 year ago. Prior to that I had had problems with thyroid eye disease requring orbital radiotherapy and had unsuccessful radioiodine treatment. My operation was very stressful with complications and I have spent that year getting well. I gave up my job  this July as was very stressed. I had noticed that I had been having diarrhoea motions at stressful times then but it settled once I stopped working.
Over the summer I have felt well and was planning a preganacy when suddenly 4 weeks ago I developed stomach cramps,dairrhoea, bloating in abdomin (had to un-do trousers) nausea, no appetite ( I have lost a stone) belching,flatulance and have this awful taste of metal in my mouth all the time. After several trips to GP and even a trip to A&E as felt so rotten - no futher forward. Blood tests normal apart from TSH raising which could be due to diarrhoea. U/s normal. Pain has worked its way from lower bowel left side upwards. Spasms and fluttery feeling felt. Have need to open bowels after lying on left side at night. The diarrhoea continues. I still have no appetite with nausea and the taste is so awful.It almost feels like I have been poisoned or am having some sort of allergic reaction as skin prickly and itchy for days,even in my mouth and down my throat. I am having periods when I get very cold and agitated and feel very un-well...have been told that is more thyroid. For the last 2 days I have been having new stabby pains,twisty feeling in my stomach and it feels odd and very sore when pressed.I have been for a ceoliac blood test(my endocrinologist suggestion). I do feel very anxious as this is so alarming and seems to be going on and on. My Gp says I am worrying to much and it will probably settle. She thinks it is a viral thing with thyroid complications and a touch of gastritis. My doctor also said I will have to wait for a while to have a gastro review as symptoms often settle. Has anyone elso experienced these symptoms with Coeliacs disease particualrly with the stabby knotty pain in the stomach and bad taste in mouth? I am concerned and am hoping for a bit of reassurance. My endocrinologist says there is a definative link between coeliac and thyroid disease...has anyone else experienced this?
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I have hyperthyroid and go thru the same things you are experiencing. Nausea can drive you nuts..There are times I feel hungry...I take a couple bites and gag.  Sometimes I get nauseated just smelling food.  And when I do eat..goes right thru me.  

Itching and fidgiting makes me crazy sometimes..

Swelling of the belly and ankles , fingers...have all.  

I drink coke to make my belly feel a little better.

Dont understand why you still have problems if you had a thyroidectomy.
Your..by chance not pregnant now are you?
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when I am hypOthyroid I get constipated to the point of needing 2 yrs worth of prescription laxatives!!!!  Now that my TSH is better range, my bowels are 100% normal and they ALL shrug their shoulders in disbelief and this was after a colonoscopy and full workups LOL!

Did they mention IBS at all?

What about your gallbladder?  That can be a mysterious organ and do what you describe, too, but I am not a doc .. just a patient like you, too.

Hang in there and keep us posted!

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