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Thyroid issues

My question is my T-3 is 284, my T4 is 1.0 and my TSH is 1.14

I have been on armour thyroid 90 mg in am.  I have gained 20 pounds in the 2 years I have been on this.
My hair is still thinning and my skin feels dry.

I also have been have heart palpations alot after taking the med about 20 min to a half hour later daily.

So, I cut the pill in half and no more palpations.
My doctor is a bioidentical hormone doctor and she suggested I go off for 2 months and see where my levels
will be at.  Then she will decide what med I should take.  Maybe bioidentical thyroid med.

I do not want to take Synthroid.  

I hate the weight gain the most.  I am 63 and not on any other prescription drug other than bioidentical progesterone
and now on vaginal suppositories for estradiol.  This is to try to help my low estrogen level which is 8.
I can not and will not take estrogen (premerin etc.

What do you think.

Camille Heilig
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284 ng/dL?????, if so your T3 is very high, that's why when you cut the pills your palpitations were gone, you must find the right dose for you.
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