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Thyroid lab results confusing

I have just recieved my lab results. Doc says is normal. TSH has dropped over 6 months from 6.81 to 5.02 on range of 0.34 - 5.60 without any meds. free T4 is 0.80 on range of 0.58 - 1.64....goiter is on the high limited of normal size. Here's the confusion, antibodies anti microsomals is 119.1 on range of 15 - 65, and antibodies anti tiroglobulina is 31.5 no range guide given. Am I REALLY normal as doc says, or do I need to find a new doctor?
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How do you feel?  Do you have symptoms?  Have you ever been on meds?  Did your doctor test FT3, too?
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I feel rotten! Tired, cant think clearly somedays, menstrual is extremely heavy and prolonged, sometimes i am very anxious and have doom and gloom feelings, other days im normal. I forgot to say, this all started 6 months ago with racing heartbeat, which was normal last week during tests, but i am still being observed for this separate from thyroid issues. Could it be hashimoto's thats not been spotted?
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No meds for thyroid, only bisoprolol for heartbeat
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Well, it does appear that both the markers for Hashi's are elevated (not sure about TGab since you don't have a range).  If TGab isn't above range, it's close to it.  

Your FT4 is at 21% of range, which is considerably short of the 50% guideline.  Many years ago, AACE recommended that TSH range be changed to 0.3-3.0.  As you can see from your lab report, doctors and labs have been very slow to adopt that change.  Using the much more reasonable range of 0.3-3.0, your TSH clearly says hypo.  Unfortunately, we don't have FT3, which is the test that correlates best with symptoms.

If I were you, I'd definitely get a second opinion and repeat these labs with FT3 included this time.  What does this doctor think is the cause of your symptoms?
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The doctor didnt say anything about the cause, he just said my results are normal and that was it, i dont have to come back. Unfortunately i live in spain, and am being treated by the spanish health service, but i speak limited spanish. Thankyou for your reply, and now i will go private with an endocrinologist. You've been very helpful
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With your TPOab elevated and your TGab somewhat elevated, you probably have Hashi's.  

I think it's a great idea to go private.  FT4 is already too low, and it's only going to go lower as the antibodies destroy more and more thyroid function.  5.60 is the highest upper limit of the TSH range I've seen in a long time.  While not many labs use the 0.3-3.0 range, most top out at 4.0 or 4.5.

Best of luck.  I think you'd feel a lot better treated.
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