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Thyroid labs - help understanding

These are my results from recent bloodwork:

TSH         3.46     range .30-5.60
T3 Free   2.89      range 2.50 -3.90
Free T4   .63        range .61 - 1.12
Thyroglobulin Antibody  4.4   range .0 - 3.9
Thyroperoxidase Antibody  199.9  range .0 -9.0

I am not currently on any thyroid medicine. I was diagnosed in past as Hypothyroid with goiter but no meds for last 10 years or so. Recent MRI showed enlarged thyroid, dominant thyroid nodules in both lobes measuring at 1.7cm and 1.2cm. and enlarged lymph nodes. My appointment with the Endocrinologist is next week. Just hoping for some help here understanding these lab results. Thanks
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Any help appreciated, nervous about results and apt not until next week.
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Hi there, I know its hard to wait....I'm new to all of this so please take my interpretation accordingly.

Your FT4 is 3.9% of the range and your FT3 is 28% of the range. VERY low....guidelines I have read say you should shoot for FT4 around 50% of range and FT3 in the upper third of range (e.g. 66% or higher).

I don't have Hashi's but given the presence of nodules and your antibody result it appears you may have Hashimoto's.

How are you feeling, do you have symptoms? Give it a few days, I'm sure you will get some feedback from others as well.

Take care, Kel
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Thanks so much for replying.

Yes I have most of the symptoms. Fatigue, forgetfulness, hair loss, dry skin, hoarseness, trouble swallowing. I am also being tested for carpal tunnel which I read is related to Hashimotos. I am expecting that diagnosis. Just hoping that the nodules are not cancerous.
Cancer is statistically is unlikely, nodules are mostly non cancerous. I know it's easy to say that and it's still scary...I went through that last year so I understand. Best thing you can do is read up on hashi,s and how to mange that. Best, Kel
One last thing, I experienced nerve pain, tingling and numbness issues in my arm and severe neck, throat pain. It resolved with meds(NDT in my case). Hopefully you can look forward to the same thing. Take care!
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