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Thyroid labs improving?

Hi all! Well, I'm 6 months into taking Synthroid after being diagnosed with Hashi's and I think my labs are finally reaching a "happy place". FT-3/ FT-4  was upside down 3 months ago and my dose was upped to 75 mcg. I'm feeling tons better, the weight gain has stopped, and I feel like I've found my brain again (most of it, anyway). Would you mind taking a peek and telling me what you think? Thanks! ~MM

TSH         0.54   (range 0.40-5.00)     was: 1.92 (5/5/11)
Free T3    2.6     (2.3-4.2)                          1.01 ( 2.3-4.2)
Free T-4   1.1     (0.6-1.6)                           3.0 (1.4-3.8)
Vitamin D  50     (30-150)                           63   (30-100)
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Your FT4 is fine.  The main thing I see is that if you still have any lingering hypo symptoms, then the FT3 should be increased as necessary to relieve symptoms, without being constrained by resultant TSH levels.  Symptom relief should be all important for you, not just test results.
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Thanks! -I do feel a ton better than I did last year at this time! Getting the hypo symptoms addressed also helped uncover issues I was having when I'd eat wheat-containing foods. I am on the road to health!!!! Whoo Hoo! I owe you guys so much! Thank you gimel,  goolarra, and many others for your input and pearls of education in this tedious process! :) ~MM
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